Chapter 15

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How long do you think it takes for one do be driven insane by ones own thoughts?

How long does it take for those same thoughts to kill them using their own hand?

Kassie's POV

I'm trying to hold onto the sliver of hope I have left, but that is getting more and more difficult by the second.

I had found myself in the same position as I was when I blacked out; although this time I was untied.

After a quick look around I realised That the door was open aswell.

I peered my head around the door in a attempt to spot any potential phycopaths, after ensuring myself that I wasn't going to get stabbed the moment I left the room, I slipped out of my prizon.

I wondered the house for a while and sighed, I had to admit, Harry had good taste, it's just a shame that this beautiful house had to be wasted on a certain someone.

The blinds were down of course; even a dumbass knows that it's too risky for anyone to see me, I long to see the outside again. Ordinary people just take that privilege for granted, I did, but I'm not ordinary anymore. I'm a freking abducted child! Yay for me!

So, back to my sob story...

I noticed that one particular window was opened and gasped, I had already forgotten what the outside world looked like, and to be honest, it looked amazing. Luscious green grass surrounding by a mesmerising deep blue sky.

I scanned the surrounding area for a while until I realised that I probally would of looked a bit suspicious if I started to stare outside for to long.

I don't want to piss of a certain someone now, do I?

But I couldn't take my eyes of it, I have no idea how long that I have been here for but it sure seems like a long time. It sickened me knowing that my time here has blended into one massive nightmare that I will probally never awaken from.

Jesus crist, that was deep.

Well to be fair, I have an excuse.

I was so deap in my train of thought that I hardly noticed that HE was standing directly behind me, and well  guess what, he obviously wasn't happy with my actions.

I stared directly into his soulless eyes and once more immediatly questioned my own existence.

For a moment we just stared at eachother, honestly I felt like this was some cliche romance story shit, no-one said anything for a long ass time; until I longed to see the outside one last time before he confined me back into my own personal prison.

He closed the blind taking all my hopes and dreams in the same movement.

"Follow me" He stated sternley before walking of towards the back door.

I was reluctant to go anywhere near him; but the fact that he seemed to be approaching the back door I jumped at the opportunity to possibly see the outside once more.

He opened the door and walked outside; I just stood there, to stunned to move a muscle, the reason why I didn't rush outside to hug the trees and admire the beauty of the outside was because my suspicions were most defiantly raised by the fact that he was just optionally allowing me to leave my prison.

"Come on I don't fucking have all day." He muttered, obviously pissed at my reactions to him opening the door, but to be honest, why wouldn't I be?! This could of been some sort of trick so he could have the pleasure of whipping me again.

I nervously stepped outside and closed the door behind me, he beckoned me towards him and I sheepishly stepped forward once more.

"I want to show you something." He whispered into my ear tucking a peice of my hair behind my ear, there was no way he was being romantic, his voice didn't have a single hint of love embedded into it, just a tone of darkness and cruelty.

He lead me through the maze he call his garden, which appeared to actually be a small wood, ofcourse the mysterious psychopath owned a magnificant house and acres of land for a garden.

After about 5 minutes of walking my feet were starting to ache, no actually, they started to bleed due to the fact that I appeared to be missing a pair of shoes.

He lead me into a small clearing in the middle of the wood and I gasped at the cliche atmosphere of it all, I wasn't believing none of that shit, it was never going to end well in the first place, so so predictable, lead the innocent girl into the woods then kill her, all this emotional shit was good for nothing.

Then I spotted the graves, and my suspicions were confirmed, this was the end for me, bye bye world!

Two headstones stood proudly at one side of the clearing, and a half dug empty grave was directly next to them.

That's when I felt a subtle voice in my ear whisper blankly, "This is what happens to girls who don't behave." He paused for a moment before continuing, "But you're not going to disappoint me, are you? Because girls who dissapoint me end up like this, and we don't want you to end up like this do we?"

So he wasn't going to kill me, sneaky shit.

Then I took a closer look at the carvings engraved on the middle of the headstones and a very cliche shiver was sent down my spine, it read:

Here lies Amelia, my first and my only, my every waking moment will be thinking about you and for every moment we are seperated my heart clenches in desperation to hold you in my arms once more. 

No description was given for the loss of Tilly, just her name engraved on a shabby peice of stone.

So this was where the famous Amelia laid, a pang of guilt and sympathy raced through my heart for the other girls who died years before me, Amelia and Tilly.

Part of me hoped that I would never have to lay in that half heartedly dug  grave clearly set out for my death.

But a different part of me was desperate to join them.

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