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A crystal glowed and another and another. Bright pulsing orbs that dangled over Havillah's head, lighting up her path with every step that she took forward. Curiousity conquered her agitation and soon enough the girl's eyes started wandering, surveying and drinking in the sites that were before her eyes.

The hallway was long, white and decorated with gold. It was rather remarkable, beautiful even by this world's standards, but not as good as home. Nothing in this world could ever compare to home, to Triberias the realm of the Great. It was a paradise of its own kind and the girl could now see that.

"Funny how one needs a bad thing to appreciate the good." The girl thought even as her fingers grazed the gilded frames of a huge portrait. It was one of many that lined up the entire hallway, hanging up on both walls and bearing faces that bore a close resemblance to one person that she knew very well, her own mother.

"Oh mother," an anguished sob racked through her body even as she took in the familiar grey eyes and grey hair that she had just discovered was a common trait in almost all of her maternal ancestors or at least those that were appearing in the portraits before her.

"She doesn't know, but she will find out soon enough."

"Why do you enjoy tormenting me so?" Havillah turned to glare at the voice, but then she remembered too late that this particular voice did not own a face and if it had one, it did not think her worthy enough to reveal its likeness to her. The girl let out an exasperated sigh.

"You have a lot to learn, but worry not. It will all make sense someday." The voice told her and the girl's frustration grew ten fold.

"Oh, let me guess. I am supposed to trust you?"

"I have no malicious intentions towards you and one day you'll understand that as well."

The girl growled as turned the other way putting as much distance as she could, between her and the voice. She was being unreasonable. A small part of her mind told her that. She knew it was true, but entertaining her much angrier thoughts felt better, comforting even and she let them lead her down the hall to what she assumed was some sort of parlour or lounging room.

"What will you do now?" The voice spoke up.

"And of course it followed me here." She thought even as she rolled her eyes. The same eyes that were now taking in the gold and dark red interior of this plush room. "Isn't that your job, telling me what to do all the time?"

"That would imply that I am in someone's employ." It replied as Havillah responded with another growl. "Why are you so angry Havillah?" The voice intoned, the concerned note in its voice affecting the girl so much that her angry facade began to crack.

"I don't know." A tear dropped from her eyes. "It's been a hectic week and I feel lost. I don't know how to feel, I don't know many things and I don't know how I will figure it out."

"You are angry that I allowed this to happen to you?" The girl nodded. "How about you and I make a deal?"

"What sort of deal?" The girl questioned, her pained and tear stained face changing to look bamboozled.

"An exchange. I'll take care of your worries and you do something for me."

"How exactly will you do that and what could you possibly want from me?" Her temper rose and threatened to explode again.

"Your trust." The voice replied.

"My trust? I trust you and you take away all my concerns? Why is that so important to you? If I may say so, as your offer stands, it sounds too good to be true."

"On the contrary, it isn't that easy."

"Okay...I am not sure I understand what you mean, but sure, if it will take away my worries then I have no qualms about it."

Havillah turned as she dropped her tired form into the chaise beside her and before long she had drifted off and succumbed to a dreamless slumber.


In the little waiting room of the Hub's clinic, a deranged Calla Barrageway continued to wear out the linoluem floor beneath the soles of her leather boots. She was annoyed, irritated and quite despondent too. In the hours that she had been waiting, there had not been any word on her mother's condition and this fact alone, the fact that she was yet to hear from the doctors was the only thing keeping her from going after the person who had put her mother in that hospital.

Finally, the sound of footsteps approaching caught her ears and the female Sergeant stopped pacing and waited anxiously for what she hoped was a doctor bearing good news.

"How is she?" She asked him the moment his white lab coat came to view. The elderly doctor in black framed glasses looked at her wearily and breathed out a tired sigh. "Still unresponsive I'm afraid." He told her.

"What's the problem? What is wrong with her? Is she now in a coma?" An agitated Calla reiteriated.

"Calm down Calla." The man took out his huge glasses and rubbed his puffy eyes tiredly. "From what we can tell your mother looks okay. Everything seems fine, but something is holding her back from waking up. Have you considered talking to the person who did this to her?"

"The coward escaped!" The woman replied even as clenched her fingers to form fists. "Good thing too, because when I lay my hands on her, I'll rip that little rat from limb to limb!" Calla replied her eyes blazing with anger.

"Aaaahm...Calla?I'd really advice against that." The doctor said slipping his glasses back on. "Not just because I am a doctor and it's my work to save lives, but because this girl may be the only chance your mother has of waking up.We've tried everything so please, try and consider that as an option?"

"Fine! I'll find her and drag her back here if I have to do it." An annoyed Calla hissed and stomped out of the room in a fit befitting her parlous disposition.

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