Chapter One: Somewhere Over

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My name is Isabel Rosa Bloomberg-Ford, and I'm a witch. I live in New York, the most magical city in the world. Both me and my city, we got a lot of hidden talents that we're still exploring and developing. I thought it might help in the process if I told a little story about us and some of our family.

Storytelling comes natural to me - my dad's a writer. My grandmother is the infamous Katherine Vedet Ford, of Katie's Katering - aka the Wise Witch of Walkerville - so I come by that naturally too.

By now you're going to understand when I say my family is unusual, but it's even more unusual than that. I have family I'm not actually related to - not by blood, anyway. My grandma's godson Simon has a life-partner who's coincidentally also a witch. Her name is Joan, and for lack of a better term I call her my aunt. The thing about Joan is, she has some problems with her memory.

This is the story of Joan's memory loss and the summer I decided I would help her find it.

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