BTS's Kids

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If BTS had kids and they were on a play date:

Jin's kid: *horrified* Why are you all so ugly?!

Suga's kid: My dad says it's important to have swag.

J-Hope's kid: Friends forever! *smiles widely*

Rap Monster's Kid: *to Jimin's kid* I'm sorry that your dad has no jams .. It must be tough.

Jimin's kid: Do you know where I could get cookies? My dad is always talking about a cookie he couldn't have

V's kid: *got lost in the ball put along with V*

Jungkook's kid: My father taught me not to hang around idiots *rides away in his tricycle*


J-Hope's kid would be the cutest (\^•^/)

It ain't mine doe .. 0.o

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