Chapter Four

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Hi, hi, hi!
Thank you for giving an opportunity to this book! I'm doing my best!
Good reading!

Hi, hi, hi!Thank you for giving an opportunity to this book! I'm doing my best!Good reading!

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(Baby Harry <3)


"The biggest problem is: I still care."


P.O.V Harry Styles

"Fuck, Harry..." Jessica moaned once more when I thrusted into her. Her nails scratched my back and I continued my fast and violent movements.

She already came two times and I haven't released even once. But I didn't stop my movements when she had her first orgasm, I continued and harder. I needed to come, but somehow I can't. She has been whimpering and screaming the whole time and it's annoying me deeply. Why didn't I gag her?

My thrusts were becoming rougher and stronger, I was almost desperate to release. I don't know what's stopping me, but I called Jessica because I needed to distract myself. But even when I'm fucking her senselessly, my head keeps coming back to the conversation I had with my father. And, of course, Rose Elizabeth.

I shook my head quickly, trying to get rid of her image. But I kept imagining how does she look right now, with eighteen years old. I bet her legs are still fucking long, just the way I like it. I doubt her body has the curves I like in a woman, big breasts and big ass. She has always been so skinny and ballet practice won't get her the way I like. Not that I mind. I hope never to see her again.

My thoughts were interrupted with Jessica's screams and I closed my eyes tightly. I felt her cum around me and I noticed her clenching around me, trying to make me come as well.

Fortunately it worked and I felt my self finally coming. I have been trying for almost fifteen minutes and I couldn't be more tense. So you can't imagine the relief I felt when my orgasm finally arrived.

I got up from bed quickly, not giving myself time to rest. I needed to take a shower quickly and feel the cold water against my skin. I rushed to the bathroom which was connected to the guest bedroom, hearing Jessica calling me.

I ignored her and stepped into the bath, finally feeling the cold water agains my rigid members. I stood there quiet, without making a single movement.

Fucking was not the best idea to distract myself. I should be distracting myself with work or fights, not Jessica. That was such a terrible idea, now she's probably gonna ask me if I'll take her out for dinner, which I won't so she'll stay here bothering me for like hours.

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