Cherry Blossoms

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Can you meet me at the park?
I'm sorry for yelling

I'll be right there

Seulgi excused herself from the table and walked to the park as quickly as she could. She painted loudly and saw a small girl sitting on the bench.

"Seul....,"Joohyun mumbled.

She called me fucking seul.

"I don't know what to do, seriously..I love Sooyoung but I hate her at the same time,"Joohyun sighed. Seulgi listened intently. "We used to be so close but as we got farther into our relationship more abusive then...,"By this time Joohyun didn't notice the tears coming out of her eyes.

"I don't know if you will listen to me but Sooyoung doesn't deserve you,"Seulgi told her.

"It's just..I'll be leaving all the good memories with her behind,"Joohyun mumbled, resting her head on Seulgi's shoulder. Seulgi turned a light pink and turned to her.

"The good to bad memories with her is an uneven ratio. She is just going to hurt you more if you stay with her,"Seulgi sighed. Joohyun nodded.

"I think I'm going to break up with her tonight,"Joohyun sighed, as cherry blossoms began to fall on her. "Thank you Seulgi I really appreciate it..,"Joohyun smiled brightly for the first time in forever.

Seulgi Smiled back and hugged her, watching Joohyun skip all the way home.


"Sooyoung, we need to break up..."Joohyun finally spat out. "All you do is hurt me.., when have we ever had a good memory! We used to be so close..,"Joohyun whispered, fighting back tears.

"Ah joohyun...,"Sooyoung said, rubbing her head. "I love you I really do, how about we go out to the carnival tomorrow?"Sooyoung said while doing aegyo.

Joohyun immediately softened. Tricked again. "Of course!"Joohyun jumped at the chance forgetting the break up.

To be honest. It was sad at how toxic their relationship was. Joohyun just wanted a chance to be happy with Sooyoung, but all Sooyoung was for Joohyun to be hers. Not in a good way I suppose. She just wanted Joohyun to fear her and submit to her. If she couldn't have Joohyun no one else could either.

Now I'm very reluctant to give you their carnival date because I don't want you to give Sooyoung sympathy but....

Joohyun woke up the next day already dressed and ready. She dragged Sooyoung into the car and to the carnival.

Nothing could go wrong right?

Oh how Joohyun was wrong. They did all sorts of cutesy things like sharing food and going on the Ferris wheel together. Until Sooyoung saw somebody she happened to know who was also extremely hot and they got to catching up.

Joohyun pouted trying so hard to get Sooyoung's attention. But all Sooyoung could think of her at that moment was

Fucking attention whore.

It was supposed to go well wasn't it. It was supposed to fix her happy to bad memory ratio.

Joohyun got in the car as their "date" ended and Seulgi's words kept ringing in her head.

"Sooyoung,"Joohyun sighed as they got home. "We are breaking up. For good. You can't trick me,"

"Maybe if you weren't acting like a fucking attention whore the whole time we would've gotten to have fun!"Sooyoung yelled.

"Maybe if you weren't hoeing around with that blonde bimbo we would've been smiling!"Joohyun yelled back while walking to her room. She grabbed a duffel bag and furiously shoved everything she had in it.

Sooyoung pulled onto Joohyun's hair as she was packing and kissed her.

Sooyoung 2 and Joohyun 0.

Joohyun deepened the kiss but pulled away.

"I-i can't...stop doing this to me!"Joohyun cried.

"You know you love me just submit..,"Sooyoung putting her under a spell again. She leaned in for a kiss and Joohyun fell under it again but immediately pushed her away and grabbed her bag.

"Fuck you. Fuck your hoes okay I'm done!"Joohyun spat and quickly ran outside.

Shit. No car. No house. That's sooyoung's house.

Hey can you pick me up?

Hasn't this happened before?
I swear this is deja vu

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