The Mall

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The next morning they ate breakfast, well Zu's version of breakfast which consisted of Twinkies. Chubs had been doing research and found a mall not far from where they were and it was bound to be abandoned, since all the adults moved to the city because to quote Liam 'no kids no economy', so we can get supplies there.

Alex was in the passenger seat, Liam was driving and Chubs was teaching Zu math. "Zu you gotta stop drawing cats all over the 9s and 6s. You need to learn these numbers," Chubs said causing everyone to laugh even Chubs laughed which he doesn't do unless its really funny. 

It didn't very long for them to get to the mall between Liam's fast driving and how surprisingly close they were to it. When the gang  got there Alex walked around with Zu helping her find some new clothes as well as some for herself. They had been there for about an hour and for the first time in a while they had fun, between finding nice clothes for herself and Zu, to playing around on bikes and go karts to finding food to playing football. It was the first time they actually played a proper game since she first meet them. Alex actually enjoyed herself  but as usual it didn't last long. 

They were playing tag and Liam was it. He seemed to have his heart set on catching Alex so she immediately ran the opposite direction but not long after she did, she came across something that made Liam and her both stop in their tracks. Someone had spray painted "Get out" in red. "I don't think we're alone" Liam said. "Way to state the obvious," she said sarcastically. The question was, who was here with them and where were they? Before anyone could answer her question Alex was forced to the ground and Liam went flying into the air, by the look on Liam's face it was clear it wasn't him doing this. It wasn't long before she joined Liam in the air, then they both were sent crashing down but somehow using her powers she managed to stop them  from hitting the ground as hard as they would've, that being said they did hit it pretty hard. Just as both of they got back on their feet, Alex saw four people, obviously kids as they had powers, blue since they has telekinesis, at least that's how she think they made them  fly.

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