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"You gotta be kidding me, how can you be so filthy rich?" Tae He was going round and round around her steps for eyes to capture the view of this house as much as possible.

"What can I say... I'm a lonely rich kid whose parents work." Taeyung said walking behind her who had her mouth agape from bewilderment. Even though with his cocky attitude he had always missed the parental love and support, he cared for them a lot but never got to show that he truly did. Life was lonesome and he wasn't in a position to complain.

"Okay, we gotta go up." Taehyung chimmed up and grabbed her wrist to lead her upstairs which broke TaeHe's train of thoughts.

"Huh... Where? In your room?" She asked trying to catch up to his steps.

"Yeah..." Taehyung nodded in approval.

"Hello, excuse me I'm an innocent girl I just can't go into a boy's room." She held her arms around her chest to show how much, apparently she was innocent and Taehyung could only scoff at her stupid acting.

"Well you dumbhead have come into my house so getting into my room won't change anything," He grabbed her wrist once again and opened doors to his room. Taehyung had to close her wide open mouth. Even though Tae He despised rich people and especially Taehyung, she couldn't deny how beautiful the view was in front of her.

"Now I can't tell the difference between a boutique and a room." She walked into the room, roaming her hand over the mahogany furniture that was sculpted so perfectly and precisely. Every detail to it was specific and intricate.

"Wow, do you keep these mannequins in your home and sleep with them too?" Tae He's hand went over the silken cotton pinned up dress on the mannequin.

"Yeah, I do it to bring aesthetic to my room." Taehyung went over his bed to take a seat and patted the place beside him for Tae He to sit.

"But I didn't bring you here to talk about myself, our project is due this Monday we have to do something."

Tae He sat beside him a bit nearer, for both of their discomforts as they stared into each other's eyes for a subtle moment, thinking how different yet alike they both are and how unknowingly they're beautiful in they're own way.

"Ahh... yeah so as I said before we are not gonna do what you said. It's too extravagant." Tae He said shaking her head.

"Well, it's not gonna be entirely silk. Let's put our differences to the test. Let's incorporate them together."

"It's weird." She squinted her eyes and tilted her head in contradiction to something.

"What is weird?"

"Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?"

"What..  I'm not, it's call etiquettes and manners towards a guest."

"Ahhh whatever." Tae He got up to once again explore the room.

"So as I was sa-"

"Is that wine made in 1995!?" She had interrupted Taehyung as he was speaking with her shrill scream.

"No, put that down." Taehyung tried getting the bottle of wine from her grip but she held it away from his reach. She was today definitely in the mood of some wine and not just any wine, probably a few hundred dollars wine.

"Na ah I'm in the mood of some expensive wine being those etiquettes and manners towards guests back."

Taehyung sighed.

"Please god don't let her get drank


I know this chapter might have sucked like last time but please bare with me. After chapter 9 I'll write longer chapters so anticipate this book.

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