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This is an adopted story, originally written by @End_Credits. ''The Eternal Emperor'' is a crossover between Naruto and One Piece, and I will change the story slightly, where I think a change in punctuation or language is necessary, but the first few chapters will be a near copy of the original. 

I hope you like it, and this mostly does not belong to me. Naruto is owned by Kishimoto Masashi and One Piece by Oda Eiichiro. 



The soft crashing of the waves against his boat and the gentle rocking of the wood beneath his feet was really all that the blond man lived for nowadays. After all, living for seven hundred years can take a lot of the fun out of things.


Seven hundred years ago, when he was known simply, just as Naruto Uzumaki, there were times when drastic measures had to be taken in order to protect his home, his friends, to win the war, to save his loved ones, to never go back on his word, to keep promises, to be him; he had to gamble with life itself. 

He had decided to take upon a request from his dear friend Kurama, the mighty nine-tailed demon fox, and merge together as one. He became the Kyuubi, and the Kyuubi became him. Naruto had consumed Kurama's chakra, and Kurama was no more. Naruto became what he was called when he was young: a demon. Immortal, with powers unknown, endless jutsus and emotions forgotten. 

The battle was hard; with friends and comrades falling every second. People he'd known all his life. Gone in an instant. It was terrifying. And those images would plague him every night, so he took the easy way out, running from the nightmares, the haunting sights, reality. He never slept again. Not that he could die because of it. Not that he could get tired from it. Not that he could ever sleep peacefully in the first place. . . 

At the time he thought he was just sacrificing his life, and in a way, he did. 

Though he didn't like to think back on that, after all, it was years ago and every single one of them was gone, long since buried in a home that doesn't exist anymore. It really made him wonder whether it was worth it, at least in the war he could have died with them. He supposed he was selfish to think that, but after watching people he loved die one by one from old age or sickness, he stayed the same, watching them all leave him behind. 

Forever twenty years old. Forever alone. He now knew why Kurama, the nine-tailed beast, used to be that bitter. To be that old, and that alone. Well, it was amazing he himself hadn't gone mad. 

The land of Fire and the shinobi nations had long since died out, two-hundred years after the war, he was left all alone as the only living ninja, not a single being alive but him.

In order to start anew, Kami-sama spread the world with a massive flood; many islands perished, finding their graves beneath the sea. Konoha had been one of them. The whole landscape of the world changed, and with a new world came new people. 

Men and women who knew nothing of chakra or fighting, he guessed it was Kami's way of wiping the slate clean. These new humans migrated mostly between one of the four major seas like the East Blue. However the brave or adventurous ventured to make homes on the strange islands in, what the men had started calling it, The Grandline. 

Of course, since chakra cannot be destroyed only used, the remaining fragments in the world grouped together and made a home in a single mighty tree, that he himself had planted for its sake.  This tree that held the only reminder of his old life, bore strange fruits that granted powers like jutsus and kekkei genkai. 

Due to the fact that the immortal man had the rest o the large amounts of chakra housed in him, these fruits, aptly named Devil Fruits by sacred citizens, were strangely attracted to him; appearing before him when they had ripened. In order to place them in safe hands, the Blond tasked himself with giving them to people he thought deserved them. 

Some fruits were drawn to people before coming to him like the Yami Yami no Mi, which like its name stated was drawn to the darkness in one's heart, just like its name stated. 

In his time the man had made quite a name for himself, after all, who wouldn't be threatened by a man who had lived since the times before he was created. He wasn't a pirate or a criminal, in fact, he knew many marines and had been asked for help many times before. 

However despite this, he had a bounty on him, well not really a bounty, more like a warning notice, telling people to never engage in a fight with him. Kind of like a flee on sight order they used to have when he was young. 


Seeing his destination in the distance, he willed the wind and water currents to push his small boat on. Docking silently on the edge of the island he made his way swiftly to where a famous event was about to go down, the execution of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. 

Walking into the centre of Logue Town, clad in a black hooded cloak, he made his way to the front of the crowd, keeping himself in the shadow of buildings to avoid attention. He stood there for ten minutes before the king of the sea was escorted past the crowd. 

Despite the situation, the Pirate King had a smile on his face as he walked towards his death, standing proudly even though his arms were shackled, his arms fastened by the grip of the soldiers, and his face captured by news reporters and their cameras. Time seemed to slow as Roger passed him, and as if sensing him, the famous pirate turned to look at him straight in the eye. No words were exchanged but they both nodded to one another before the prisoner was swept away.

As the execution continued he tuned out the chatter, the murmurs, the whispers, the sounds blurring, only keeping his eyes on the man he watched grow up from a small boy to a great man. He listened to Roger as he spoke his final words. 

''Go look for it. I left it all in that place.''

With those words, Roger's bold eyes found his ocean blue ones once again and stayed for a second until the blades reached him. 

Silence pursued and only a couple of seconds later, cheers erupted. 

Gone was Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, Father of the future Fire Fist Ace, the birth father of a new age, the age of the Pirates. 

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