1d chat

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Louis: so when's the consert ganna be

Liam: how about tonight on xfactor we do a song together

Zayn: sound great

Harry: yer and we can meet lou there

Niall: how does it fell to be able to tell people the truth

Louis: dont get him started

Harry: I love it because now we can have a proper wedding and have a child without hiding it

Louis: dont think to far ahead

Niall: I love those plans

Zayn: consorts are ganna be more fun and interesting now

Liam: yer because your back and Larry's out

Louis: hahaha I can soake you all with water

Harry: not me

Louis: yes

Niall: and our solo songs can be sung by each other

Liam: yess that would be awesome

Louis: harry bed now

Zayn: oh no

Liam: harry run

Niall: what's harry done

Harry: I teased him too far

Louis: your not ganna walk for a week

Liam: we dont need to know that



Harry: only I can scream that

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