Out to Lunch

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Requested by- harryslilbigtoe (the prompt) and @Josalynskolberg (wanted Zarry)

So, Harry had cerebral palsy (CP) which means he will lack muscle movement pretty much everywhere in his body, and will be in a wheelchair. I tried to do as much research as I could about this, but I'm sorry if there are some mistakes. You can let me know (nicely) in the comments if I have false information.

Also, PLEASE read the note on the bottom!

"Zaaayyn," Harry called out from his spot in the living room. The older man entered a few moments later, drying his hands as he had been doing some painting.
"Yes, hun?" Zayn smiled, walking over to his boyfriend and pecking his cheek. Harry smiled up at him.
"We-we should go out for lunch," the sentence had come out a bit breathy, but Zayn had by now gotten used to the mushy language his boyfriend spoke.

Harry has had cerebral palsy for as long as he could remember. He's learned to deal with his disability over the years, but it can still be difficult. He couldn't be happier to be with someone like Zayn who was always so patient and caring with him. He wanted to do something in return to Zayn always looking out and taking care of him.

"Sure, babe. We may have to stop at the bank on the way so I can-" Harry cut off Zayn's rambling.
"No, no. I want to pay," he explained, and the raven haired man complied with a smile.
"Okay, let me just change my shirt. Do you want to change too?" When the latter shook his head no, Zayn headed upstairs to change out of his painting t-shirt, and then went downstairs. He help Harry get his coat and shoes on, as it was November and a bit chilly, and then they headed out.

Harry and Zayn decided to go to Simply Simon's, which was their favourite little diner. It was where they went on their first date, and they've gone there many more times.

The boys didn't even have to look at a menu when they got seated; they had already tried basically everything on their menu; they knew what they did and didn't like.
"Thanks for taking me here today, Haz," Zayn smiled at his boyfriend, and Harry lazily smiled back at him.
"You're. . .welcome! You deserve it," He said in his breathy manner. He always reminded Zayn how lucky he felt to have the raven haired man in his life. Harry felt bad that he had to be so dependent on Zayn, even though the older man constantly told him that Harry was worth it, and that he couldn't imagine being with anyone else. Harry considered himself lucky to not have CP so severe that he couldn't even talk correctly. He couldn't imagine life without a voice. He was sure he wouldn't even have his precious Zaynie if he couldn't.

Zayn smiled warmly at him. The two talked about various things as they waited for their food. When it did arrive, Zayn had feed his boyfriend. Even though Harry was capable of talking, his mouth still went slack a lot, and he had trouble pronouncing a lot of words and eating on his own. Luckily, Zayn had been with him long enough to be able to decode most of the words, and he was more than happy to help his lover with eating.

Unfortunately, a group of people just a few tables down from them began to snicker and whisper about Harry.
"Man, that black haired guy could've done a lot better than this loser," one whispered with a little giggle. Zayn sighed at them, but Zayn continued to switch between eating and giving Harry his lunch.
"Yeah, he probably just feels bad for him. I mean, look at the guy! He's such a retard," another laughed, pointing at Harry and talking about him as if he was an item that was broken.

Harry's face became a sad look, and his head dropped slightly. He WAS pathetic, wasn't he? He couldn't even go to the bathroom by himself. He didn't deserve Zayn, who could probably be doing much better things right now than feeding his babyish boyfriend.
"Haz?" Zayn set the fork down and gently took Harry's hand in his, using his other hand to thumb away a stray tear as the rude people continued to give Harry crap. "Do you want to go, baby? It's okay if you want to," Zayn told him gently, and after a few seconds, Harry responded with an 'okay'.

As they walked by the rude table, Zayn gave them a dirty look. He wanted so badly to yell at them for hurting his boyfriend, but Harry told him that it just made the situation worse if he did. Zayn respected him, though he may or may not have mouthed to the table that they were a bunch of. . .followed by a couple of dirty names.

When they were both buckled in the car, Zayn turned to Harry.
"Baby, I love you so much, okay? Don't listen to them, they don't understand our love, and they don't need to. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else," Zayn assured him, but Harry didn't seem too convinced.
"Sorry I'm so dependant on you. I wish I wasn't, and that I could give more to you," the boy sniffled, and Zayn's heart broke in two.
"Harry, you do so much for me! You took me out for lunch today, and you're always surprising me with flowers, my favourite snacks from the store, and so much more. But most of all, YOU make me happy by just being you're cute, funny self. Half the time, I don't even notice your wheelchair. And if I do, it's never a burden, to me it's like a part of you. And also, you're not dependant on me. You do things by yourself all the time, I just need to help you with some things. But I love you so much, Haz, never forget that!" Zayn told him, before hugging him. Even though Harry couldn't really return the gesture, he rested his head on Zayn's shoulder and smiled as best he could.
"I love you too,"

"There's my Harry," Zayn smiled. "Now, do you want to go to the park?" Once he got Harry's approval, he drove off.

At the park, they walked, well, Harry rolled along in his wheelchair, throughout the park, really just being silent and enjoying each other's presence. At one point, they found a little food cart selling pizza, so they got a few slices and sat in the gazebo eating them.
It had turned into a great afternoon, and it made Harry and Zayn realise just how much they meant to each other.

Author's Notes (please read!):

I know that one was a bit corny, but I hope you enjoyed!

I have an idea for a Larry and Katie one shot. I was thinking of doing one where they go to meet some friends for lunch or dinner, but Katie ends up having a nappy blowout during it (she'll be around 9 months in this one). What do you think? I know it's a bit weird, but I wanted to get creative and I knew it happened to babies, so I went with it 😂 anyway, let me know what you all think of it. I have a couple other ideas if you guys don't want to read this one.


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