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Hey guys! I have a test tomorrow for French, and je can't etudie anything!

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Song of chapter: Heaven — Julia Michaels.



It was that day's practice, I didn't wanna look at Tanner or talk to him at all

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It was that day's practice, I didn't wanna look at Tanner or talk to him at all. But I had a plan, I was breaking up with Zack, in the worst way I could think of.

I thought that for once, a guy accepted me for who I am.

I got a sharpie out of my pencil case, and a football. I wrote, 'We're over, just like your football career.' In all caps, and I was throwing it to Zack.

As for Tanner, I was more than hurt. I really thought we were friends now, he could have warned me about Zack's doings.

I walked to the field, the ball in my hand, I saw Zack in the bleachers, smiling at me, I faked a smile back. I kept the ball right next to Aaron, who pretended to be sick. "Don't let this ball out of your sight, please" I said, Aaron nodded.

30 minutes have passed from practice time, I grabbed the ball from Aaron and walked back to the field, I handed it to Cody, who read what's on it, but didn't ask any questions.

"SET!" I yelled loudly, "HUT HUT!" I yelled, Cody threw me the ball, I caught it and turned to Zack, "HEY ZACK! CATCH!" I yelled, and threw him the ball, his wide receiver instincts made him catch the ball in one second, the entire team was confused.

Tanner kept staring at me, and I stared straight ahead at Zack, who read what's on the ball, realization dwelling on him. "THAT'S FOR BEING A DICK!" I yelled, trying to hide the amount of pain I felt because of what he did.

Zack angrily threw the ball to the field, Tanner grabbed it and read what's on it, before looking at Zack, who flipped him off. "THOUGHT YOU SAID SHE'D NEVER GET ON YOUR GOOD SIDE, TURNS OUT YOU CANT KEEP A PROMISE!" Zack yelled, and walked away.

I felt a pang in my chest, realization dwelling on me too.

Tanner was in on this. Tanner was faking it too. Tanner wanted to embarrass me just as much as Zack did, that's why he didn't tell me, I can't believe I fell for his trick.

I can't believe I thought he was my friend.

Tears filled up my eyes, thankfully non of the boys say because I had my helmet on. "What in heavens just happened?" Coach asked, I blinked my tears away and shook my head.

"Nothing" I said, I grabbed one of the other footballs and handed it to Tanner. "Here you go, Tanner" I said, he took the ball from me, his features lacing with confusion.

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