Chapt.2 - Specialty

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It was one bright morning. Skye opened her eyes and realized she wasn't in the woods anymore... She's been rescued.

But instead of seeing the same 7 month-old pups, which has the same age as hers surprisingly, they weren't there.

Instead, a loud puppy bark were heard outside. She peeked out the huge window that surrounds every angle of the tower, and saw the pups training.

Though, she was curious why their training was quite... Unusual. "Morning Skye" Ryder greeted with a pink bowl filled with dog food. He placed it down and Skye rushed to him.

"What are they doing outside?" She asks. After Ryder completely have settled Skye's bowl in the floor, he started to explain "Well, we are training so in the future, we could help people"

He brushed the dirt on his hands and then headed for the elevator "If you want to, you can join us downstairs!" Then the lift took him downstairs.

Skye thought of it for awhile, and smiled. So it was decided. She was joining in the team, to save people, or anything that is ever in danger.

She didn't like anyone going through her suffer. Alone in the forest. Although she wasn't really in danger. Still. She hates someone see alone in the wild.

After eating her breakfast. She went downstairs with the rest of the pups. Although, she did not join them that quickly. Skye sat aside from the training are and observed what they were doing.

Maybe she has to do the same thing. As she watches the training with her brightest smile, a pup approached her. "Good morning Skye!" He barked.

As Skye greeted back "So, what do I do here?" She asks shyly. "Well, you have to do some warm ups first, then practice on your specialty. We already had our chosen one, but since you're new, you get to choose variations of specialties, come! Let's find yours!"

The duo chased around and tried to test which works. Skye tries to do something with trash, and turn it into something useful. Though, she failed. The two then moved on to firefighting and medic. Though, Skye was quite scared and terrified with doing these such things. Not to mention, bad at aiming the hose to the 'fires'. She also, wasn't quite sure if she was doing the right thing to cure the dummy patient.

Then they moved to the next, it was aquatic related that it thrilled Skye. She remembered that when she was brought home for the first few weeks by her old owner, they have been to the beach and spent their time there.

Building sand castle, splashing around, collecting seashells and decorating the castle with it. Everything in it was fun.

But as she tried what the aquatic section has in for her. She was clueless with most of the terms, and seems that she doesn't know her way under the ocean.

Moving on to the police or investigation thing, Skye tried it too, but she couldn't even answer some riddles. Skye huffed in disappointment "I guess I have no specialty then" she said, but somehow, a smile was still pasted on her face.

Chase, became blue, unlike Skye, he couldn't keep his smile. But then, his face lit up. "Follow me! There's one more thing to show you!" He said as they ran to the back of the tower.

"What is this?" Skye asks, after reaching their destination "This is one of the specialties. Piloting. No one actually had gotten in it, since because the first ones worked out, honestly, I thought that I wouldn't have a specialty!"

The two pups started to laugh, when it died down, Skye looked at Chase "But... What if this last specialty isn't mine either?"

Chase smirked "Well, looks like we'll just have to wait and see then". Skye sighed as she looked at the buttons and named them perfectly. She even flew a helicopter for a minute successfully without the aircraft getting damaged.

"You did it! You finally found your specialty!!" The male dogs barked happily. The two dogs jumped up and down happily. Later, Ryder showed up "What's up you two?" He asks. It apoears that their bark were too loud that it alerted Ryder.

"Ryder! You won't believe it!! Skye is great at flying a helicopter!!" As the two resumed to bouncing. Ryder laughs "That's nice! Would you like to join in the Paw Patrol?"

With no hesitations, she accepted the offer. Forgetting her past experiences. "Welcome to the Paw Patrol, Skye!"

"Yippee!!" She exclaimed. As she did a 360° flip with no fail. Chase stood there in awe "How did you do that?"

Skye's face went blue for a bit, but then smiled again "Ah! It's just that before I was here, my previous owner used to train my these kinds of stuff!"

Chase's tail wagged even faster "That's so cool!! You gotta teach me that one day" he mentions as they walked back to the front.

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