Chapter 33

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I looked around me and admired the beautiful nature that was among me. The butterflies were flying around in different beautiful colours. The birds were singing and I have never been this relaxed just by the sound of the water floating.

"Clary?" I heard someone ask. I was very familiar with this voice. My heart started to beat faster and I looked at my hands - and that's when I realized that I was wearing a white dress. It was magnificent. I turned myself around and saw Alec standing in front of me.

He was smiling ear to ear. I have never seen him this happy. I smiled and ran towards him - and gave him a tight hug. He picked me up and twirled me around. I laughed and hid my face in his neck. I could hear him chuckle when I did that. He let me stand again while holding my hands. He pulled me a bit closer and gave me a long - and soft kiss.

The kiss was full of love and happiness - and butterflies were flying around in my stomach. I felt like a child again who had it's the first crush on someone. I was so amazed by it. I wanted to feel like this forever. I wanted Alec and I like this forever.

"I love you." Alec whispered in my ear as my hands were in his neck. I smiled and closed my eyes as I was enjoying his sweet - and deep voice. It felt so unreal and real at the same time. I looked at him and I could see his eyes shining just because of the happiness he was feeling inside. I felt every single thing.

"I love you." I said softly as I stared into his beautiful blue eyes. He was so beautiful and handsome. How was I able to have someone like him in my life? His cheeks flushed and I saw him blushing. That was new to me as well. I have never seen Alec blushing like this. It was adorable.

I saw Alec's facial expression changing from happy to extremely terrified and worried. I frowned and followed with my eyes where he was looking at. I gasped in shock when I saw thousands of demon coming towards us. I turned myself around and saw that all the colour was drained from Alec's face.

"Clary, run!" Alec shouted as he pushed me behind him to protect me. I huffed and shook my head but he did not see me. He took his arrow and bow - and was aiming at every demon that was close. I stood there baffled and shocked. I couldn't leave Alec alone here.

"No, I can't." I said and Alec turned himself around - and showed me his disapproving, furious expression on his face. I never saw him this angry. I swallowed and took my seraph blade out.

I heard Alec gasp and I looked shocked at him. A demon caved his hand into Alec's chest and had torn out his heart. The blood was streaming out of his mouth and he was grunting before he collapsed on the ground. I choked on my breath and screamed all the horror out. I collapsed defeated on the ground and held Alec's hand.

I screamed again and quickly sat up. I was sweating and gasping for air. It was just a nightmare. Shocked and frustrated I ran my hand through my hair - and wiped away the sweat from my forehead. This was the second time that I had a nightmare about Alec's death. It was terrifying me and it traumatises me. I closed my eyes and saw the same images again that I saw in my nightmare. I let out a soft scream and opened my eyes again.

The door opened up and I saw Alec afraid - and worried standing in the front door. I did not even realise that he was not laying beside me. He ran towards me and held my cheek before sitting down. Without saying anything I hugged Alec. I let all of my emotions out and started to cry. It terrified me. The nightmares made me feel like it was real and I do not want to lose Alec...

"Hey hey... Bad dream?" He asked while he wiped away my tears and scanned into my watery eyes to see a response. I nodded and choked on my sob and I looked away from him. I hated when he saw me crying and now even more because it hurts him to see me like this. I could sense it. Alec held my hands tight and made me look at him.

"I am here. I will let nothing bad happen to you." He said and I shook my head. I do not care what happens to me. I was terrified because it was Alec who had died. My beautiful dream was turned into something that I never want to experience. I could not imagine Alec dying. I hated it that my nightmares were torturing me like this.

"I am not scared, Alec." I said while shaking. I pushed his hands away and stood up. When I looked at Alec I could see that he was slightly hurt by my response and to be fair, it was rude of me. I sighed and came closer to him - and held his hand tightly. I looked into his eyes and I could see that he was confused - and knowing Alec he was getting frustrated - and when he gets frustrated he gets angry.

"This was the second nightmare, that you had died in it. It is terrifying." I said and my voice was a bit shaky. His eyes softened and he sighed. I could sense him calming down and he pulled me a bit closer to him.

"Don't worry. I am okay." He said and hugged me. I let my head rest onto his shoulder. I felt tired. It felt like I haven't been sleeping for days. It was exhausting me. I let my hands rest in his neck and breathed out. I felt safe in his arms. It was like a shield around me. I pulled out of the hug and looked at him. He came closer to kiss me but my room door opened.

"Oh god, I don't want to see your lips all over my sister's lips." Jace said and came closer. Alec quickly let me go and stood beside me. Jace laughed and hugged the both of us. He was in a good mood for being in the middle of a shadow world war.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" I asked and wiped my eyes to be a bit more awake. He looked at me and smiled. He took my hand and twirled me around and it caused me to fall on Alec who held me tightly so I would not fall down on the wooden floor. Alec chuckled and I shot him an angry glare. I already hated this morning.

"Izzy has premission to throw a Christmas ball." Jace said and I gasped.

"Do you mean like a real Christmas ball?" I asked shocked and Jace nodded. I looked at Alec who was just admiring me being happy for a second. I held his hand and moved a bit closer to me. I was happy that Jace did not notice it otherwise he would make a idiotic comment on it and I guess it would piss me or Alec off.

"I will take my sister." Jace said and winked at me. Alec pulled me closer to him and shook his head.

"With all due respect but I am taking your sister." Alec said and planted kisses in my hair. I looked at Jace who was smiling proudly. I was happy. For once everything was good. Alec and I were here together. Jace liked Alec for a second and there was no sign of Agramon, Jonathan or Valentine. We were once free of the demons. It was just us without any stress...

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