Chapter 11

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Sophie's P.O.V

We made it to my house in no time with Tails's flying. We walked inside and Katelyn was in the lounge room doing her homework. She looked over and saw me with Tails. "Ooooh. Looks like someones got a boyfriend." She said teasingly. "Tails is not my boyfriend. Jake is." I said. I looked over at Tails and he was blushing. "Ignore her. She's just jealous that I have a friend that's a boy." I looked at her and she poked her tongue at me. I frowned. "Where's mum?" I asked her. She pointed to the kitchen and returned to her homework. I grabbed Tails's arm and dragged him into the kitchen where my mum was making sandwiches. Talk about boring. I thought. My mum turned around and saw me with Tails. She smiled. "And who, may I ask, is this young fella?" she asked me. "This is Tails. I was wondering if I could go over his house for a movie marathon." I gave her the cute eyes. She thought for a moment. "Alright, but don't do anything dangerous. And be home before 10." I smiled. "Thanks mum." I grabbed Tails and some movies and walked out. "So, flyboy. Where's your house?" he blushed. "Hang on tight." he smiled cheekily and flew to his house.


Jake's P.O.V

I walked to Tails's house and knocked on the door. No reply. I decided to hide in a bush or something until he went home.

Sophie's P.O.V

When we got to Tails's house he pulled out some keys. "Why have you got those?" he turned around. "My parents don't get home for a few hours." he returned to unlocking the door. We walked inside and his house was huge. It had two stories and there was so much space. "I'd never guessed it was this big from the outside." He turned around and laughed. "You might want to close your mouth." I closed it slightly embarrassed. "Why don't we plan out our movies." he said as he directed me to the TV room. It had big recliners and a few beanbags. I put the movies I grabbed on the TV cabinet. Tails had his head in the door of the cabinet looking for some more movies. He was pretty much inside the cabinet, his tails were waving about just outside the cabinet. I laughed. "Do your tails always do that?" I heard a bump "Ow!" he said. My guess is that he hit his head. He emerged from the cabinet with a bunch of movies in his hand and was rubbing his head. "Only when I'm not thinking, and when I'm searching for stuff." He had a few movies in his hand. "Take your pick, then it'll be my turn." he smiled evilly with a hint of cheekiness. I put in my favorite movie and we got it loaded when there was a knock on the door. We both turned and looked at it. "I'll go." he got up and opened the door. "Jake, what are you doing here?" I looked at the door. "I saw you with my girlfriend jerk." Tails was getting nervous. "I don't want you to go any where near her." Tails was nearly on the floor when I walked out to beside Tails. Jake gasped. "I...I didn't know." Jake hung his head. "I'll leave now." He walked away with his head still hung. "What would you do without me?" I asked. He smiled and shut the door. "Probably get beaten up still." My mind recoiled. "Hang on, did you say still? You mean he bullied you before I got here?" Tails looked down. "Yes." I frowned. "We're just going to have to change that arent we?" He looked up and smiled. I pressed enter on the remote and sat on the lounge next to Tails.


Sophie's P.O.V

We hung out for a few hours until I had to leave. It was dark outside so Tails walked me to my house. We chatted about the movies and we reached my house in no time. I waved to Tails and he smiled. He flew off into the sky and I walked into my house. My mum was in the study ironing clothes and my little sister was sitting at the computer playing games. I walked into the lounge room and put the movies away. I was walking up to my room when I heard the doorbell. No-one made a move to get it so I went and got it. I opened the door and saw Jake, with his head down. I crossed my arms. He looked up slightly. "I'm sorry Sophie." I smiled a bit. "Wanna come in?" I asked. He looked up and I smiled. "Just don't bully him and we'll be fine." I said. He didn't look convinced but he smiled and walked in. "This is a nice place you got here." He said looking around. I smiled. "Yep. Want to meet my mum? She doesn't bite." He chuckled nervously. "Sure." He said. I showed him to the study where my mum was ironing clothes with headphones in and was bopping about. I knocked on the door and she looked up and smiled. She took the ear buds out of her ears. "Now who is this Sophe?" She asked. I hugged Jake with one arm. "This is my boyfriend Jake." I said. Jake smiled nervously. My mum seemed pleased. "Looks like you've got yourself a keeper there." She smiled and Jake and I blushed. She laughed and went back to ironing. I showed Jake to my room. He sat on my bed while I leaned on the doorway. He sat quietly till he finally spoke. "Look, I'm sorry about that thing with Tails. I thought he liked you." I smiled. "As a friend." He smiled weakly. "Doesn't matter, he's got brains. That's what girls like you like in a guy right?" I frowned. "Not necessarily. I like compassion, a little brains, a little brawn. But most of all, I like sense. The ability to tell when they've got too far, when they're faced with a problem and they have the sense to try and figure out the answer. That's important too Jake." I said, looking off into space. He sighed. "I have compassion, does that count?" He asked. I smiled. "Yes Jake, you could be a good boyfriend yet." He smiled. I walked over and sat on the bed with him. He looked at me. I got kind of weirded out so I looked back. His eyes were kind of dreamy. I was worried. I saw the same things in Shadows and Claire's eyes when they were together. I wasn't too worried, I just thought he might go too fast. He leaned in and I gave him a bit of help by leaning in too. His lips met mine and I closed my eyes. It was better than my mum had said it would be. He had warm lips and he was gentle, not forceful. We broke out of it and he collapsed on my bed, smiling and his eyes closed. "I hope that was as good for you than it was for me." He said. I smiled. "it was pretty good." I smiled. His eyes opened and he looked at me. We both had the same idea. I got off the bed and put my 'Do Not Disturb' sign on my door then shut it. I walked over and lay on the bed next to Jake. He smiled and leaned in.


Jake's P.O.V

I stayed for a while at Sophie's house so her mum let me call my parents and stay at her house for the night. Sophie and I kissed in the bedroom. Now I know what you're thinking and no, she's still a virgin. We were disturbed once by a knock on the door but Sophie dealt with it. We were kissing all night until we got tired and fell asleep, still in each others embrace.

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