Chapter 14

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Reader's POV
After awhile, she finally put on a shirt. Thank goodness I didnt have the F.B.I. take me away.

No thanks to you, commenters.

Bowser JR eventually came back with not only a shirt on, thank goodness, but she also had her Switch in her hand. She also had a spare controller.

Bowser JR: so what do you wanna play? Kart racing? I have some Pokken, Human, and some Mario games. Whoever that is.
(YN): Woah woah, what?
Bowser JR: Which controller do you want? I have joy-cons,  procontrollers, an-
(YN): Im a prisoner. Shouldn't you be like... Burning me or hurting me?

Bowser JR just looked at me and shrugged.

Bowser JR: We.. Don't do that here. Mom stopped doing it when I was born. Apperently it's a bad influence
(YN):... Sigh. Pass me the pro controller.


Bowser JR: Language!
(YN): Sorry! Gah!

I lost again, for the fourth time against Bowser JR. I swear, it's like she cheats!

Bowser JR: Aha! No one can beat me at this!
(YN): No! No No, NO! My pride wont let you!
Bowser JR: Wanna bet? I bet I could beat you for another game!
(YN): and if you win?
Bowser JR: Then... Ah.. I don't know
(YN): How do you NOT know?
Bowser JR: I just dont

I chuckled and shook my head. By now, the cage wasn't so much of a cage as it was a room. Junior gave me some blankets and pillows and some snacks to eat and water to drink.


Once we started a new game, The doors to the throne room opened and Bowsette walked through, clearly calmer then she was before.

Bowser JR: Hey mom!
Bowsette: Hey sweetie. How's the prisoner?
Bowser JR: I'm beating his butt!
Bowsette: Glad to hear
(YN): I'll beat you this time!

After the game


Bowser JR: Language!
(YN): Sorry!

Bowsette laughed at my dismay as I lost against Junior AGAIN!

(YN): GAH!
Bowsette: Haha.
(YN): Shush you! You try fighting against her! She ain't letting me get close to punch her!!

Bowsette smirked and got up, walking over and sat down next to Junior as I gave her my controller.

After a game

Bowsette: Wha?
Bowser JR: Better luck next time, Mom
Bowsette: But... How?!
(YN): See?! She cheats!
Bowser JR: Do NOT!
(YN): DO TO!

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