Chapter 25: To Unbind a Secret

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Jinwoo was acting like a fangirl living her dreams a few minutes ago but now, she's starting to be persecuted by lethargy.

It has been 3 hours since the boys had left and she tried to entertain herself by watching television during those hours but since she's already used to being gadget-free, she got bored easily then decided to stop watching and just laid on the couch, staring up at the ceiling, being blinded by the bright light.

Woojin's house is really spectacular and Jinwoo admired that. She feels really comfortable but at the same time, something bothers her. She's unsure of what exactly is it. She only knows that something does.

She got up from the couch, finally done with the ambiguity that's growing perpetually inside of her. "What the hell do I have to know," She asked herself and sighed as she walks up the stairs then entered Woojin's room again. Faster than the first time she did.

Her eyes are staring intently at the huge shelf in front of her, trying to find out what she wants and have to know. Again, there are medicines, a few books, and– what is that button?

A small button was exposed behind a book. Woojin didn't put his book back properly and now he exposed himself.

She frowned as she slowly approaches the shelf then pulled out the book, putting it down on the floor slowly– it seems to be a book about ghouls. Hesitantly, she pressed the button. She gasped as the tiles just a few steps away from her opened to form stairs that lead down.

"What the hell?" She spoke to herself. Her heart's literally threatening to jump out of her chest but she decided that she wants to find out what's hiding beneath the room. What is Kim Woojin hiding?

Jinwoo cautiously walked down the steps. It wasn't long until her feet finally touched the last one and lights turned on without her bid. The lights revealed the long path that she has to walk but not long enough for her to not see what's waiting at the end. There's a white room and her curiosity just grew further.

She quickly but still cautiously walked towards the white room. She's having second thoughts. Woojin didn't give her instructions but that doesn't mean she should make her own. She doesn't actually care if Woojin starts to hate her but she's afraid that her actions might reflect on Hyunjin as well. He's all she thinks and cares about now. Her boyfriend.

The white room was a step away from her and she could already see what's inside since there's no door or anything to block the scenery. Her mouth agape and she started to shake. Her hand instinctively moved its way to touch her neck where the bandage rests.

Jinwoo does not know what to do at this point. She wants to enter the room, perhaps she could find an explanation. Also, she's afraid that if she takes another step, she might never get the chance to take a step out. The room's filled with blood samples, human bodies laying in beds with intravenous inserted in their veins–ejecting blood, and there's a wall filled with printed pictures. Her picture stood out in the middle. She wanted to run but she also wanted to save at least one of the people inside the room or get an explanation.

"Be strong," she said to herself with closed eyes and finally stepped inside the white room, immediately feeling chills as she did. She could only hear the sound of the several defibrillators in the room and it was enough for her to feel exceptionally anxious. The cold room temperature wasn't helping as well.

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