Chapter 4

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Before you start reading, I want you to close you're eyes and imagine. Imagine you're crush, you're love, anyone running to you. Running to tell you they loved you, and that you have been waiting despretly for them. Despite troubles and problems you both had, you still open you're arms for them, and... The next is yours to dream. In this chapter I'll like to put a symbol(^^) this represent when to start thinking of a background song you like, any that fits the scene. After you see the next symbol (^^) you can stop. But it doesn't have to end there, it's how you imagine it that makes the story alive.

Ethan P.O.V


I run out of the door, and got out of my house. I didn't want to see where Grayson was and told him I was leaving. I just left.

I took time to tell Emma I liked her. To be honest I was shy. And afraid she wouldn't like me, but after talking to Grayson, he said I might have a chance. Last week we talked, and he told me he only kisses Emma to stay away from him and not worry about him, I got to give it to the kid, he sure knew how to be fucking annoying but smart.

Today was the day. I'm actually doing this. It's so much I want to tell her. How we understand each other well, how things don't get awkward, how life can sometimes suck but we would still laugh and help each other out.

Emma was different. She was a flower that Disney give shit if it grows into a pretty flower like every flower around her. She only cared if she grows, and her roots are strong. That sounded cliche, but the truth.

However, I couldn't stop smiling. 


I drove to Emma's apartment and parked my car, I jumped out and went to knock on her door. I waited and finally she opens the door, a smile on her face. Once she saw me her smile dropped.

"Hey" she greeted, then she turned her head, "Ethan is here."

I blink. Who was she talking too? I heard a sounds in the background and finally the person arrived. I froze my smile.

"Grayson" I say.

He raised an eyebrow, "Hey. You're done with Merideth?"

I nod staring at him, I think my smile was gone now, "yeah. I thought you were at home?" My voice got deeper. 

Grayson nodded, "Emma can I talk to him alone?"

Emma looked at us confuse, "Sure. Coffee Ethan?"

"Not sure." I answer still staring at Grayson.

"Okaaaay. " she left and closed the door behind her.

"What the fuck Grayson. You told me you didn't like her"

Grayson raised an eyebrow, "I don't. At least I say the truth. Kissing Merideth and liking another girl. What kind of guy are you Ethan. I expected more from you."

"I didn't kiss her back! She kissed me, she wasn't also kissing me because she liked me, I told her off. She was saying good bye!" I said.

Grayson rolled his eyes, "I saved you're ass you know. I held Emma so she wouldn't have to see you two talking, I drove her here to give her support. You let her down, I picked her up. She fucking cried Ethan, and Emma dosen't cry"

"Oh. Am I supposed to say thank you for hooking her up while I was gone?"

"It's not like that. We were chilling, she made herself clear we won't work, and I don't mind. I don't care. She's ur's, don't take advantage of that."

I glared, "Sou think I wanted Merideth to come over, let me tell you, you were the one who invited her in"

He frowned, "She said you guys talked before."

I rolled my eyes, "We did, but, never mind"

"No, no, not never mind Ethan. You talked to her, you told her our address, you invited her"

"She wanted to talk Grayson, talk." I pointed a finger on his chest, "That's all."

Grayson he pushed my finger away, "You still hurt Emma."

"I came to tell her I'm sorry. To tell her I like her. What do you want me to do?"

"Try not to fuck things up." He said.

"Seem like you like her" I comment.

"I care for her. That's all."

I bite my lips and looked at the door.

"Tell her I said sorry."

And I left.

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