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I don't own shadowhunters! Credits go to Freeform and Cassandra Clare!

Another overdue chapter, guys! Sorry it's so so late, I've been stressed lately especially with report card giving so soon.


My hand was already poised to knock on Izzy's door, but I hesitated. I knew Alec was in her room, taking care of her.

I didn't want to take Alec away, especially with Izzy in a vulnerable state. Knocking anyways, both their heads turned to me and I waved. "There was a demon attack, and sorry to say pull you away, but we need you, Alec."

Alec sighed, telling me he couldn't, but Izzy pushed him to go. "Izzy, we won't be long." I promised.

Oh, I just pray to Raziel she'll get better soon.

"I'm gonna be fine. I promise." Izzy told us and we were out the door.

• • •

Alec bent down. "What's this sand on the floor?"

"This looks like a demon attack."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "I've never seen a demon cause this kind of hemorrhaging." Looking around, I asked, "Is there any security footage?"

"Nothing in the bar." He replied. "Maybe CCTV caught something outside on the street."

"We should get them back to the Institute."

"Yeah, that's a good idea." I agreed. I frowned at the two guys by the bar, they were Shadowhunters, part of Inquisitor Herondale's security detail.

Yup, the Inquisitor decided to gift us with her oh-so-loving presence.

"Detective Garroway? Who are you talking to?" A dark brown haired woman approached Luke as I moved to the side.

Sure, we were glamored, but that doesn't mean it concealed our touch.

"Just dictating some notes while they're still fresh." Luke replied. "Something you should start doing."

"That's a great idea! They didn't mention it in training, but it makes perfect sense." She said. She pointed to his phone. "Is there some special app for that?"

Luke's demeanor changed as he told her, "can you pull the car up? I'll meet you out front."

Luke's new partnered replied with a confused: "okay."

"New partner?" Jace asked.

He nodded. "She's driving me crazy."

I snickered.

Alec and I left the restaurant. I turned to him, seeing him frown. "Whoever did this..." he started.

I grabbed his hand, eyebrows furrowed. "We'll figure it out." An idea then popped into my mind, and then I was dragging him towards the direction of my favorite warlock. "It's time we consulted someone who knows this kinds of stuff."

• • •

I knocked on Magnus's door and we waited a few moments before he opened it. "Hey, I was about to call."

"There's a Greater Demon on the loose." Alec told him, "and we need your help."

I dug into my pocket for the sample we took. I showed Magnus the vial of sand. "It's been leaving this on its victims."

Magnus's expression turned glum. "Oh, dear. This sand, it's from Duduael."

"Which is a... dimension of Hell?" Alec asked, unsure.

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