Tweek enters the fight!

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Tweek stared at Craig and Kenny, both on the ground, covered in bruises. Craig had a bloody nose, and Kenny's eye was black and blue.

"O-OH MY GOD-!" Tweek shrieked, dropping his things and covering his face. "Wh-what happened?! Why are you two fighting?" Tweek asked, panicking.
"Well, you see, Craig was being a greedy little bi—" Kenny began, but was interrupted by a slap to the face from Craig.
"Shut the fuck up McCormick," Craig hissed and stood to go over and pick up Tweek's dropped things.

"Oh- oh jesus- Craig, you- y-you don't have to pick it up for me- I can do it mys-se.... lf..." Tweek tried his best to reassure, but everything he had dropped was already folded, organized, and cleaned up from off the ground and placed in a neat stack which was handed back to the twitching boy.
"Too late," Craig smiled and ruffled Tweek's soft hair, earning a blush.

Tweek giggled and glanced at Kenny, shrieking once again and quickly hurrying to his side. "Kenny! Are you okay? D-do you need bandages? Ointment? I know wh-where Craig keeps it!" He fretted. Kenny was about to say "Yes, Thank you!" but was yet again interrupted by Craig.
"Oh, no, it's okay, babe," Craig walked over and pulled Tweek close. "Kenny's about to leave, anyway, so it's fine."

"What? No I'm not! The party's just stared, right, Tweekers?" Kenny smirked and wrapped his arm around Tweek. He attempted to lean in for a kiss on the cheek, but was stopped yet again by Craig, who kicked Kenny's shin to get him away. As Craig butted in, he also took Tweek by his slim waist and pulled him into his protective arms. "Oops, looks like the party's over," Craig smirked and kissed Tweek about 10 times. Tweek's face was flushed red in embarrassment, so he buried his face into Craig's chest to hide. While Tweek was turned around, Kenny took the chance to look at his ass.

... Nice.

Kenny smirked and made groping gestures, as well as... others. Some of which Craig didn't even understand. Despite this, he still furrowed his brows in anger and flipped Kenny off.

"Tweek, why don't you tell Kenny to leave?"
"H-huh? Why?"
"Because I want to do something with (to) you."
"But.. can't we all do it together?"
"No, it's like... a one-on-one kind of thing."

Tweek nodded and giggled, realising what Craig meant.

"S-sorry Kenny- but-"
"What, gonna fuck without me?"
"Ah- n-no, that's not-"
"Oh, come on, Tweek, I'm not dumb."
"Of course not! But.."

Kenny grinned. "Hm... butt?" He pulled Tweek into his embrace from Craig's, and squeezed his ass. As he did, he felt somewhat relieved of his.. craving.

"Ah- K-Ken-Kenny!" Tweek squealed.
"MCCORMICK!" Craig yelled.
Aaaand.. Kenny just kept holding Tweek and stroking his ass.
"Not funny, man!" Craig growled and shoved Kenny out the door. Kenny stumbled out, laughing with a stupid grin. He was satisfied, at least.

"I'm sorry, Tweek, I shouldn't have let him in-"
"N-no, don't w-worry a-ab-about it..."
"Are you sure?"

The two avoided eye contact for a bit, before Craig suggested they go upstairs and play a videogame. Tweek bashfully agreed and followed upstairs, taking his things with him.

"So... whatcha got there?" Craig pointed to one of the things Tweek had, which was a small black bag. Amongst it were books on astronomy and a video game copy of Red Dead Redemption II.
When Craig gestured to the bag of all things, though, Tweek immediately hid it behind his back. "N-n-N-NOTHING! It's nothing!" He stammered. Craig stared at him, confused, and put a hand on Tweek's shoulder. "Are.. you sure..?"
Tweek looked up into Craig's eyes, and squirmed away. "It-it's nothing, really!" Tweek chuckled nervously.

Craig nodded hesitantly, not wanting to pressure Tweek any more.

But.. he couldn't help but wonder.. what was in the bag..?


hmmm i wonder.. what do you think is in the bag?

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