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Hi everyone!

I am SO glad you stumbled across The Global Fellowship and I hope you enjoy it! Some ways that you can show me you enjoyed it, are to:

- vote for each chapter/scene that you enjoyed (that awesome little star),

- comment anywhere and everywhere that you feel like (I absolutely ADORE getting to see what I call "the feels" from my readers - seriously makes my day),

- adding my story to your reading lists (you guys have some really awesome list titles!),

- and even sending me a private message if you're too shy to post something publicly.

If The Global Fellowship is the first piece of mine that you've read, you should know that this is a PREQUEL short story intended to introduce the world of my upcoming SciFi Dystopian novel - Infinitus (thus the cover) which is scheduled for release in 2019! If you like this one, I will also be posting "sneak peek" chapters from Infinitus for your reading enjoyment before the book is released, so you can get a pretty huge preview of the story.

I am so excited to get to know all of you and hear what you think about my stories and my writing. Happy reading!

-- Christiane Joy Allison

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