What - Biana

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Yesterday was... I don't know. Fine. Good. Aw, who am I kidding, yesterday could very well have been the best day of my life. My life is pretty boring. Good, but boring. Except for yesterday. We hardly even talked. It should've been super awkward. But it wasn't. My head hurts. Ugh. I just buried my face in my hands. That was stupid. I'm gonna go fix my makeup.


I carefully apply lipgloss. Thudthudthudthudthud. Someone knocks on the front door. I'm startled and mess up my lipgloss. I wipe it up and start over. It's probably Keefe at the door. That's how Keefe knocks. I hear the typical "You can go right up, sweetie." from my mom, and then footsteps coming up the stairs. It's probably Keefe, coming to hang out with Fitz. I set down my lipgloss and grab a book. I sit down on my daybed and read. Then I hear a Thudthud at my door. That's weird. Why would Keefe come to my room? Why would Keefe knock? Keefe never knocks. I open the door to see Dex. Dex. I hesitate. "Hi."

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