Chapter 17: I Want to Take Care of Him

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Izuku arrived at Yuuei. He went to the Department of Support.

He already thought of a support item that may help heroes, specifically Eraserhead. Izuku remembered on the first day that Aizawa suffers from dry eyes. Izuku wants to fix that.

He tried to combine different eye droppers and see which is the most effective one. He made a solution with 4 eye droppers in it. He brought those 4 eye droppers in class today.

When their homeroom teacher arrived, they showed their support items. Maijima was very pleased on how intelligent his students are, especially Izuku.

"So, you thought of helping Eraserhead with his eye problem? That's very creative! And you already thought of the solution of the eye droppers, amazing. Don't worry, your support item will be recommended to Eraserhead. Keep that prototype for a while ok?" After the first half of the day, Izuku headed on to class 1-A.

Class 1-A is having another test with their hero costumes. Izuku had already submitted his hero costume design and with what his quirk usually does.

3 weeks before that, Izuku went to the city hall to change his quirk. Toshinori told him that he can update every once in a while. With that, he told his quirk is somehow like All Might's. The one where he can control fire is a side-effect of his quirk. For example, if he rotates his fingers around a fire, his quirk can change the direction of the wind, then, the fire also follows the wind so it's not fire control. Although his quirk isn't wind related. He can just change the direction of it because of the impact of his quirk.

Izuku passed the design of his hero costume request. His mother didn't have the time nor the budget to make the hero costume for Izuku. She thought that her son might be thinking that she had already given up on him. But, she still kept supporting her son. She also noticed that Izuku isn't developing his internal organs. Maybe because of the hero work. She let it slide for this moment.

Back to Yuuei, All Might appeared in Izuku's class. "For this class, we will be building the fundamentals of being a hero through various excercises! Trial of Battle!" All Might said as he instructed his students to change to their her costumes.

Katsuki assisted Izuku on going inside the changing room. When they finished, they followed All Might to one large replica of a city. "We will be dividing you into villains and heroes. Each pair must have a duty to accomplish. The scenario is that the villains are guarding a nuclear bomb. The heroes role is to either capture the villains or reach the nuclear core as soon as possible. If the heroes aren't successful in doing this before the time runs out, villains win." All Might explained.

They chose who they battle with and who their teammates are in a lottery.
Pair A: Izuku and the brunette girl
Pair B: Octopus man and half and half
Pair C: Creation girl and that small guy
Pair D: Katsuki and Soumei graduate man
Pair E: Pink girl and naval laser man
Pair F: The guy that looks like a silent rock and the one that had fish lips
Pair G: Earphone jack girl and blond man with a black lightning streak on his hair
Pair H: Black bird man and green frog girl
Pair I: Tail man and invisible man
Pair J: Red hair man and weird elbow man

"The first group to battle is... Pair A, heroes, and Pair D, villains!" All Might said.

Izuku and Katsuki were shocked, also Toshinori. Katsuki grabbed Izuku and talked with All Might, privately. "Toshinori-sensei, please, don't make us fight each other! You know that we can't hurt each other right?" Katsuki told All Might. "Yeah! And you know about my sickness right?! You understand our pain!" Izuku added. "Young boys, please, your classmates are going to suspect on why you changed groups. Please, and the school staff will also suspect on me! Think about me for a change." All Might defended.

"What are they talking about?" The Soumei graduate man asked the brunette. "I don't know. It seems they're arguing about something." The brunette replied.

"Listen, Toshinori-sensei, please, you know I don't want to fight him. I'd end up killing him, you know that. I want to protect him and take care of him, since it's my fault he's like this." Katsuki tried to convince his teacher. "I'm really sorry young Bakugo. I can't change the rules." But, All Might wasn't convinced.

They came back to their lesson. "Sorry for that my students. Young Bakugo and Midoriya was just asking me if they can switch places with Uraraka or Iida. Unfortunately, I can't say yes to that request. I am telling you this because I need your permission first. Will you allow them to switch places?" All Might asked his students.

Of course, Bakugo and Izuku were surprised that All Might would ask his students that kind of question. "Wait, if you want us to agree to that plan, would you mind telling us why you want to do that?" A black haired girl with weird hairstyle asked them.

"Why you little piece of shit. Of course we wou-" Katsuki lost his cool but Izuku managed to stop him. "Kacchan. Stop." Izuku boldly told Katsuki. "I-uhm, look, I have a medical condition in which the Yuuei staff and Kacchan-I mean uhm Bakugo only know. We are childhood friends so we know each other. He knows the backstory of my illness that none of you know, including the Yuuei staff. The thing is that if you decided to let us both fight each other, we can't. Because, first of all, our parents instructed Kaccha- I mean Bakugo to not let me be hurt at any cause. So, please let us be partners. And besides, as if he would listen to the things you will tell him." Izuku finished.

All of them were shocked, even All Might didn't expect this to happen. "I-i'm sorry but I can't agree to that." One girl spoke up. "Me too. It's kinda not manly to just request that thing you know?" One by one, the class told their opinions, most of them were against Izuku and Katsuki.

"Fine, then, let's go." Izuku said while putting on his mask.

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