15- SkaterGirl

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For Maryani136


I texted my best friend Jamie and told her to meet me at our skating park in 10 minutes.

I finished drinking my juice and rushed out of the door.

i arrived at our skating park and Jamie was there with Olly . Dan . Chris and Kylie .

we were a group of skate boarders who enjoyed free style.

Sometimes some people would stop and watch us do our thing then leave.

"Ready guys " i asked them nearing the group.

"always" they replied in union.


After we finished our routine i decided to do my special moves.

The way was empty. and I'm rolling.


I finished my show and heard clapping.

I bowed infront of the few people who gathered to watch.

And then they left.

I bent down to take my skate board from the floor when i heard close clapping.

I stood up to see a tall tanned man coming closer to me.

I stood straighter.

" I'm impressed. This was amazing. " he said stopping in front of me.

" thank you. my friends and I train hard on this. " i replied smiling at him.

" uh yeah . but I meant what you did alone. This was amazing i wish I could do the same"

" thank you. what sport do you do?" i asked him putting my skate board under my arm

"I'm a professional football player" he said .

"really. as in football clubs like Chelsea . Barça . Madrid and such.?" was i really talking to someone famous.

"Like Barça yes" he then removed his sunglasses and i almost fainted at the spot.

"I'm Neymar Jr , and you are ?"

he grinned .

" Maryani" i smiled at him.

"beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he kissed my hand.

"why aren't you a flirt Jr. " i giggled.

" yes and proud. " he grinned cheekily.

" so..." i drifted off.

"wanna catch lunch? " he asked.

"sure "

" junk food? "



After lunch we went walking looking at places and without knowing it we ended up in front of my house.

"this is my stop" i said to him turning around.

"well i had fun today . Maryani . we could do that again sometime? "

"of course i replied"

he stepped closer to me.

"Then it's a date" he said and leaned in and kissed me his hand on my cheek.

i kissed him back immediately enjoying the moment.

he pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

"I'll be seeing you" he pecked my lips one more time and left.



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