Wide Eyed - Dex

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I should probably tell her that I like her. But, I mean, how? I mean,  we're already friends... sorta. and I just don't want to mess that up! If there is anything, that is. Anyways, she's popular. And I'm... me. I'm pretty sure that we're friends, but there's no way that she likes me. It would just be awkward. I'll just keep on sitting in the background. Waiting for her to maybe, possibly notice me.

>TWO HOURS LATER. Sophie & friends are hanging out. The whole crew's there. Including Dex. And Biana.<

"Hey!" Sophie says. "Make any technological breakthroughs last night?" I laugh. And then, she walks past. She glows, sparkles, shines. Heads turn, people gasp. She walks up to me, me! And she says... "Are you feeling okay?" I snap out of my daydream. "Wh - wha?" I stuttered. Oh, good. Now look what you've done. "You're looking a little... ya know... loopy." she leans to my ear and whispers, "And it looked like you just puked a bit in your mouth." She leans back. I laugh. Not an awkward laugh. A real, short one. She smiles at me. I grin back. And it seems like time stops.

But time hasn't stopped, and now we're just grinning at each other stupidly while everyone else stares.

This is embarrassing.

But, the thing is... I don't feel embarrassed. I feel giddy.

And it feels good.

And then I realize.

I was wrong.

She does like me.

And I think that she thought that I didn't like her.

Why are we all so oblivious?

I don't know.

But, right now?

I feel better than I have in ages.

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