chapter nine - quidditch try-outs and karaoke

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Saturday came by and Lily found herself consoling more than one girl in her dorm on their way to breakfast.

"C'mon, you've been on the team since third year. What's different about this year?" Dorcas asked Marlene, who was a Beater on the team, and Laurelle, who was Keeper.

"James Potter is captain, that's what. I'm sure you girls know how seriously he takes Quidditch." Marlene said. They walked into the Great Hall, to their tables and then sat on the benches.

"Oh, I see what you mean now. If he's captain, you're definitely not making it." Dorcas said. Lily turned to glare at, but she just shrugged.

Lily glanced down the table towards the seats that James and his mates normally occupied. They were still empty.

"I reckon he's more nervous than you guys." Lily said, turning back to her friends. "Remember what happened to Elizabeth Johnson?" They all cringed as they thought of the time when the former Slytherin captain had chosen two girl as Beater and the boy who auditioned for Beater had hexed her for choosing 'the weaker ones' over him.

"I'm sure that won't happen again." Laurelle said, interrupting their chain of thoughts.

At that moment, the doors of the Great Hall and Sirius, Remus, Peter and James walked in. They were staring around the Hall, smirks on their faces as they headed to their tables.

"He sure doesn't look nervous." Marlene muttered, also watching them.

They didn't sit down, instead Sirius tapped James, Peter Remus and they put their heads together and began whispering together.

Lily stared at them suspiciously. "What do yoh think they're up to-" But no sooner were the words out of her mouth when a loud BOOM! rattled through the Hall. There was a split second of silence. Then-

BOOM! This one was much louder, and came with fireworks in the shape of a Gryffindor lion, roaring loudly. In red words above the lion, read:

GO GRYFFINDORS! That was followed by an assortment of colourful fireworks exploding in the sky. Lily watched the scene, her lips curling up into a smile. She knew exactly who had done it, but she didn't care, because their ability to make such wonderful magic was amazing. She even grinned over at them, though they were too busy marveling over the fireworks. Except James.
He seemed to have watching her, for a smile already played on his lips while he watched. She actually blushed at being caught and then turned back to her friends.

"I can't wait for try-outs to start already," Laurelle laughed.


They made it to the pitch before anyone else did. The stands were devoid of any people. Lily followed Marlene and Dorcas into the changing room and stood against the wall quietly, watching Marlene, Laurelle and Dorcas converse.

"Lily?" Laurelle said suddenly. Lily snapped out of her trance and turned to face them. "Hmm?"

"We asked if you - nevermind. What's wrong?" It was Marlene this time.

Lily suddenly felt nervous. "Guys, I'm, uh, well, I'mthinkingoftryingoutfortheteam." She said quickly. But by the looks on their faces, they'd heard her perfectly clear.

"Lily, that's WONDERFUL!" Marlene shouted. She bounded happily over to Lily and engulfed her in a hug.

"She's right, Lils. That's amazing!" Laurelle said as she too joined in on the hug, followed by Dorcas.

"Anything you've got to say, Dorc?" Laurelle smirked.

"Not at the moment, no." Doras said. They all laughed.

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