Two pigs, a wolf, and some hard choices to make

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<3 Sometimes life throws several lemons at you. Giving you a fucking black eye with that nasty yellow curvball of his. People will tell you to smile, suck it up and make some nice lemonaid with that tart little shit. I say throw that yellow fucker right back, aim for the balls. Heh... Too bad that I suck at aiming and my throw is weak. Maybe next time.. yeah next time.. there are bound to be more lemons.. You wont be smiling when I finaly manage to repay that black eye with a pair of black balls... <3

It changed nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Or actually it did, the stupid choices I had made a few minutes ago had in a way changed everything.

I folded my hands, clutched them hard together to stop them from trembling uncontrollably as they lay neatly tucked away in my lap.




I stared straight ahead, my dry eyes seeing nothing but the bright blurry fabric of the gauze wrapped around my head. The white fabric pressed awkwardly against my eyelashes, almost painfully as the lashes themselves continued to chafe against the soft fibers nettet together to make up the medical cloth.

I cant believe I just did that. I cant believe that I just threw away the best chance I might ever get to be free again, the best chance I might ever have to actually get back home again.

I cant believe that...

believe that...


My mind replayed the last five minutes over and over again. Running over every option, every word, every thought, as I desperately tried to decipher were the fuck it had all gone wrong.


The car slowed down then veered slightly to the side, before it finaly came to a complete halt. I presumed that he had stopped at the curb of whichever road we were currently on. The instructions he had just given me spun around in my mind, almost like a record stuck in an endless loop. I licked my dry lips and took a deep calming breath as he killed the engine.

You are to do exactly as I say...

I waited for him so say something, waited for him to add something to his curt precise horrid instructions, but no more words passed between us.

Dont you dare open that pretty little mouth of yours...

The knock on the window came way to fast, and I couldnt stop the jolt that went throughout my entire body. The sound of the window sliding down was cut short by his charming velvet voice as he greeting the police officer on the other side.

"Hello officer, is there something the matter?" Bryans tone was calm, light, charming, just as if he was ordering a cup of tea at the local cafe, just chatting away with his favourite server.

I will bathe you in their fucking blood...

"Hello." The officer greeted back, trying to keep his voice stern but failing miserably to do so. You could plainly hear it in his voice that Bryans cheerfulness had been more than a little infectious.

"License and registration please" The officer politly demanded.

"Why yes of course, just one moment sir." Bryan answered just as charmingly before he started rummaging around, trying to locate the items in question.

Dont you dare open that pretty little mouth of yours because the consequenses will...

I felt him lean in as he opened the glove compartment in front of me in his search for the elusive registration.

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