chap 1 part 1

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Finally! I'm off the plane! Alex was on the right of me, she bugged me the whole time.

Alex was a random person on the plane but she acts like we have been friends since diapers.

Alex: hey ace!"

Ace: what?" I said with annoying to my voice.

What won't this person leave me alone?!

Alex: why is there a bunch of people her more than normal?"

Ace: why not?"

Alex glared at me

Alex: no I me-" she was interrupted when girls started to screaming at surrounded some people.

Alex: I told you!!" She screamed over the screaming girls.

I rolled my eyes and kept waking I was waiting by the streets and Alex was trying to see who the girls were trying to see.

Everything happened so fast. I was suddenly pushed into the streets when a car started to drive down the streets passing every red light.

Alex: ace!!" She screamed while I looked down the street and then everything went black.

I felt my body hit a ground. But when I opened my eyes a bright light blinded me but when they got used to the light I see Alex in front of me leaning over me.

I looked over to my side and see ... myself. I started to breathing faster and faster I try to calm myself down.

I looked at me more and i see blood dripping down my head. I have bloody knuckles and I'm just laying there.

I got to touch myself but when I do my hand goes right through my arm.

Tear's started to come poring out. I started to freaking out and then once again I was consumed with darkness but something was different this time it was....... Silent.

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