Chapter Five|A Better Family

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Leah didn't like these emotions. They confused her greatly and made her think multiple times about how to get rid of them.

Part of her wanted to just get drunk and go to sleep.

But she couldn't because her legs were taking her to Snape's classroom. He didn't have a class at the moment, but she needed to talk.

Severus snapped his head towards the door as it busted open. Leah has walked in without saying a thing.

He could immediately tell that this girl was a mess. Her hair was disheveled, her tie was incorrectly tied, and her shoes were untied.

"Leah, are you alright?" asked the concerned man.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at the man with dazed eyes. "Severus, I don't know what I'm supposed to do in a situation like this."

His mind started swirling around as soon as she said that. A student he was fond of was struggling? He hadn't seen her struggle before. She was always ready and well-mannered.

But Severus had never seen this.

"What happens to be the problem, Leah?" he asked so reluctantly.

The teen sighed and sat on a stool. "Severus, do you mind if we share a drink and chat?"

It was very rare that Severus ever showed emotion on his face. However, his prodigy just said something that struck complete shock in him.

"I beg your pardon, Leah, you're only fifteen. I could be expelled from this job for supplying you with liquor."

She shook her head at him. "I can tell Dumbledore it was me. He believes in you, has trust in you, Severus. I really could use some fire whiskey right now, please."

The man reluctantly summoned the bottle of fire whiskey and two shot glasses. He poured the shots and slid one to his student.

"I don't enjoy feeling things I'm not used to feeling. I shouldn't be experiencing this, I should be focusing on my work." Pure frustration radiated from her as she spoke, and Severus understood why.

"This is about how you woke up holding onto the Weasley boy. Fred Weasley. You're overthinking this situation far too much, Leah." As he said this, the girl downed her shot and poured another.

"Am I? I feel as if this friendship can already take a turn to something more, which I don't want. I might be acting like an overdramatic teen right now, but this is difficult, Severus."

She held onto the table as she took another shot and tears began falling down her face.

"Yes well I won't lie to you, teen drama seems like the most difficult thing on earth, but you'll survive. You'll always survive down through the darkest times."

Fred and George sat down by a large tree plotting their next prank. Fred was under the assumption he wouldn't be able to focus, but he was wrong.

His mind seemed clearer, he was happier and had tons of energy. He was excited to execute this next prank, and have a good laugh.

"Freddie, will it be an explosion of eggs or pumpkin juice?" asked George rather sneakily.

"Egg, Georgie. Egg is more disgusting and harder to clean up."

They looked at each other devilishly and got back to work.

Angelina walked into her dorm to find her best friend sprawled out in bed. Her hair was everywhere, her clothes were messy, and she looked dead.

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