Chapter 20

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Aspen's POV:

"Are we almost there" Ellie complains.

"Forty minute and fifteen seconds" Lucas happily informs her of the time.

"Daddy this drive is way to long" Ellie cries with exhaustion.

"I know baby but we're almost there" Daddy promises.

It's ten thirty and we have been driving for three hours. Ellie never stays up this late but she gets car sick so she's to scared to fall asleep. It doesn't make any since, I know.

"Dad" Ellie cries wanting dad's comfort.

"Baby I'm driving but as soon as we get there we can cuddle I promise baby" dad sighs and quickly looks back at Ellie through the review mirror.

"Daddy" she cries still for dad but calls him daddy. She's one confusing child.

"Elizebeth Don't unbuckle your car seat belt" daddy tells her sternly when she tries to unstrap the seat belt.

"Dad" she cries louder. Dad just stays silent and keeps driving. But I know that it's killing him inside.

"Daddy" she cries and rips at her seat belt dramatically.

"Elizebeth Piper Gibson if you take that seat belt off dad will pull this car over and spank your bum!" Daddy threatens sternly with a raised eyebrow. Daring her to test him.

Ellie of coarse is too hysteric to understand anything so she continues to unbuckle her seat. I reach over to stop her but she pushes me away and continues to throw her tantrum.

"That's it" dad sighs and pulls over into the Walmart parking lot. Which tells me that we are literally only twenty maybe thirty minutes away from our cabin in Big Bear!

Dad and daddy both jump out of the car and grab Ellie by the arm. She squirms and cries hysterically. Good thing Keagan and Sebastian decided to carpool in a different car. I should have gone with them.

Lucas being Lucas continues to play on his I Pad not having a care in the world.

I get out of the car and let the dogs go to the bathroom to keep myself busy but still attentive to the situation we are having.

"Young lady you do not kick daddy!" Daddy roars and lands three harsh slaps onto her tiny bum. My poor parents tried to talk to her and settle her down but in response she kicked them right in the shins.

"Daddy I'm sorry" she cries and tries to wriggle our of his grip.

"Daddy" Ellie cries after landing another three strikes onto her backside.

"Are you going to be a good girl?" Daddy asks sternly with another smack to her poor bum.

"Yes daddy I promise daddy" she cries. And with one last smack she is in daddy's arms and crying into his neck.

"I'm sorry" she sobs.

"I know baby....shhh.." he soothes her and kisses her temples sweetly.

"Daddy" she reaches for dad and he takes her into his arms. He looks towards me and I know that's my cue to sit in the front so he can sit next to her for the rest of the car ride.

Don't have to ask me twice. I love sitting in the front seat!

- - -

"Okay guys! Boys unpack all the heavy stuff. I'll put Ellie in her bed and Aspen you start to unpack the food in the kitchen" dad coaches us. We all nod in agreement and start to do our tasks.

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