Chapter 19

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Rowan's POV:

"I can't believe our baby girl is eight years old today" I smile towards my husband.

"I know. It seems like it was just yesterday that you called me from your publishing office to tell me that you found our new daughter" Oliver smiles towards me.

"Daddy are you almost done? Where's dad?" Ellie bangs on the other side of our bathroom door.

"I don't know where dad is. And go down stairs and ask Aspen to braid your hair" I lie while looking right at Oliver.

"Okay" she shouts over the spraying water of the shower.

"Shh" I smile and wrap my arms around my handsome husbands wet naked body.

"Quickie before we have to get out of the shower?" He whispers.

I smile. Yummy!

- - -

"Dad" Sebastian calls for me when I walk past his room.

"What bud?" I ask and lean against his door frame.

"When do you want me to go pick up the....present?" He asks changing his words so he won't reveal Ellie's birthday present just incase her spying ears are listening.

"Is two good?" I ask.

"Yeah" Sebastian shrugs.

"Thanks son" I smile and leave his room so he can get ready.

"Daddy it's almost twelve. My friends are almost here!" Ellie cheers and runs around the house making sure everything is perfect.

I look around my house and it looks like a luau threw up in my house. Palm trees, coconuts, blue ocean cut out and sand in jars scatter the house. As I walk my feet stumble into beach balls and walk over beach towels. There are big gold balloons that spell "Aloha" with paper pineapples next to it. My house smells like pineapple and pork.

My house is giving me deja vu from the time Oliver and I went to Hawaii on our five year anniversary. Boy was that get away fun.

"Daddy daddy! Doesn't this look so pretty! Thank you thank you!" Ellie smiles and twirls around with happiness.

"I'm glad you like it princess. Happy birthday bug" I smile and scoop her up before she can skip away. I kiss her cheek and hug her tight.

"Daddy that tickles" she giggles and squirms when my slight beard tickles her cheek.

"Ellie come help me make the pineapple juice" Oliver calls for our energetic eight year old. I can't believe she's already eight.

"Aspen love go get dressed baby" I sigh when I see her talking on the phone with Keagan but only wearing a towel.

"Daddy I'm walking to my room. Chill out I obviously just took a shower" she rolls her eyes with attitude. She has a shower right outside her room but ever since she was little she only likes using the downstairs shower.

"Drop the attitude or you will loose your phone for the rest of the day" I growl sternly.

"Ugg" she rolls her eyes and stomps up the stairs. Oh that's it. She's been a brat for the past three days I'm sick of it.

"Aspen Willow Gibson you are in big trouble" I says sternly and follow her up to her room.

"Daddy I'm getting dressed" she groans and pushes something against the door to stop me from opening it.

"You have five minutes" I growl and cross my arms angrily.

"What" she swings the door open after five minutes.

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