Chapter 15

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy this special Thanksgiving/ Black Friday chapter!

- - -
Oliver's POV:

"Good morning" I greet my handsome husband.

"Good morning" he coughs out still sleepy.

"Happy Thankgiving Love" I smile and kiss his ruff beard he needs to shave desperately.

"It's turkey day" he smiles and leans in for a kiss.

"Babe it's already seven, Ellie and Lucas are already up they'll hear" I moan when Rowan deepens the kiss and starts to rub my morning wood.

"They won't if we are in the shower" Rowan's grins and grinds his own erection on me.

I smile and pull him and my self off our bed and rush into the bathroom to start the shower.

"God I love you" I moan as I'm shoved against the cool tile and turned around.

"Fuck baby I'm so hard" Rowan groans in my ear and that's when the best feeling happens.

He enters.

- - -

After three organism and a couple of naughty hickeys we wash our body's and exit the bathroom.

"Daddies" Ellie squeals once we are both downstairs. All four kids are cuddled up on the couch and watching Charlie Browns Thanksgiving. So cute.

I smile and walk up to the edge of the couch to lay a sweet kiss on the top of everyone's head.

"Dad can we go Black Friday shopping tonight?" Aspen begs for the millionth time.

"Yes baby" I cave. Her smile is instant and she jumps off the couch and gives me her bear hug. I squeeze her in my own hug, my heat filling with love.

"Okay guys you have one hour until we have to leave for Grandma Riley's house" Rowan announces.

"Daddy do we have to" Ellie starts to cry. Poor baby, after what Clair did to her she is traumatized and never wants to see my family again. It breaks my heart.

"Yes Elizabeth" Rowan shuts down the argument instantly.

"Fifty eight minutes" Lucas hurries up the stairs.

"Don't we have to wait for grandma?" Sebastian asks, referring to Rowan's mom.

"She'll be here in thirty minutes" Rowan nods his head in agreement.

"Okay" Sebastian smiles and caries Ellie up the stairs. Fuck we baby her to much.

"Okay so what do we have to do?" I ask my amazing husband.

"Your on mashed potatoes, and I'll make the rolls" Rowan nods with one last kiss he turns to go in the kitchen.

'Slap' the ringing sound of my Palm meeting my husbands perfect ass, just as he's walking in the kitchen. Rowan screams softly with the sudden movement making me chuckle.

I love my life.

- - -

"My grand Babies" my mom comes storming out of my childhood home or should I say mansion.

"Grandma Riley" Aspen smiles and runs into her arms. Ellie continues to hide behind Rowan's mom and Lucas isn't far behind them. Both kids scared of my side of the family.

"Hey mom" I smile and lean in for a hug.

"My baby" she smiles and kisses my cheek.

"Hello Riley" Rowan greets my mother sweetly.

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