Chapter 17

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"Here let me help you with that" Kegan mumbles before grabbing the trash bags out of my hands and helps me take them to the trash can outside.

"Thanks baby" I finally Thank once we are out of ear shot from everyone else.

"What are boyfriend's for?" He grins his panty dropping smile.

"Good point" I giggle. Kegan's muscles contract when he lifts both trash bags higher to place them in the bin. His strong muscles look so hot and sexy.

"Kiss me" I blurt. Kegan turns around and smiles.

Within seconds I'm in Kegan's strong arms. His big juicy lips devour my own. I moan and wrap my arms around his neck.

The back porch lights turn on and we jump apart.

"Your the fucking asshole who is dating my sister" Sebastian booms from the front porch with a speechless Daddy right behind him.

"Let me explain" Kegan surrenders and pushes me behind him when Sebastian starts to charge towards us.

"No! Fuck you ass hat. I thought I could trust you fucker" Sebastian spits and rage that flows out of his entire body.

"Sebastian let me explain! I love your sist...." Kegan is cut off by my brothers fist connecting to his jaw.


I can't believe my boyfriend was just punched....


I can't believe my brother just punched his best friend......

And with that last thought everything goes black......

- - -
Rowan's POV:

My life just completely changed.

Let's start at the beginning......

"I can't believe our little girl is so grown up" I smile a sad/ happy smile towards my wonderful husband as we both clean our disastrous kitchen. 

"I can't believe all our kids are growing so fast, we didn't even get to see Ellie grow up" Oliver responds.

"Speaking of baby Ellie I got in contact with the adoption agency and they finally found all her baby pictures" I smile with excitement, we've been wanting to get our hands on those.

"Are they sending all the pictures?" Oliver asks with hope.

"Of coarse baby, I explained to the lady that it's important to see her mom when she was the same ages since her mom won't be able to tell her story's about her own life" I gush and fill our forth trash bag up for tonight.

"Perfect" Oliver smiles and leans sideways to kiss me as he washes the dishes. We normally have Aspen help but since it's her birthday we decided not to.

"Eww" my oldest son interrupts our kiss.

"Oh good I'm glad your in here" I smile and separate from my handsome husband.

"Why?" Sebastian looks horrified that we wanted him in her for us to kiss. Disgusting.

"No you silly boy" I smile easing his horrified expression.

"I need your help taking out the trash" I explain. He nods and quickly and picks up two of the bags. And I pick up the last one.

"It's pitch black out here we need some light" I complain and turn on our back porch lights.

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