Chapter 12

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The next day, Jungkook came home with a black eye, Jimin with a busted lip and Taehyung with bruised knuckles. You just gaped at the horrendous sight.

''What have you gotten yourself into?'' Jin sighs, treating their bruises and patching it up. ''I told you not to get into reckless fights. Disgusting bruises on such beautiful faces. Not as beautiful as mine but, what a shame!'' he rambles on, rubbing disinfectant on their cuts.

''It's fine...vampires heal quickly anyway. No biggie'' Jimin mumbles, as Namjoon shakes his head in thought.

''Who the hell was it?!'' Yoongi demands, pacing up and down. ''Lets kill him''

''Calm down'' Namjoon tells Yoongi. ''We are members of one body. One of us gets hurt, we all get hurt. So we deal with this together.''

''Did you get bullied?'' You ask them, as Taehyung lightly growls.

''No...looks like that Jack bastard finally showed his true colours'' Taehyung started, as Jungkook continued. ''yeah...he was fine yesterday, but today he was a total different person. Came out of nowhere and landed a punch right on my fucking eye. I think I'm blind now!''

You squinted, as a thought had hit you. What if....?

''Was this the guy with memory loss?'' You ask, your interest piqued. ''What was his name again?''

''Jack...was it?'' Hoseok confirmed, as the youngers nodded.

''More like Jack the Ripper'' Taehyung scoffed, as they giggled. ''It's calm though. I sorted him out big time'' he reassured, raising his arms up so his bruised knuckles were on full display. ''I'm like sooo strong''

''You didn't even fight him, Tae. You punched the wall instead of him and ran away!'' Jimin revealed, as Taehyung went red. ''Shutup! Way to ruin my moment of glory!'' he pouted, furrowing his eyebrows.


Everyone sat at the dinner table, faintly chattering about worldly matters. You poked at the deer meat on your plate, your mind elsewhere.

Jack...Jack...his name wasn't Jackson but it is similar right...? What if they are the same people? What if this the same Jackson you're meant to seek? But...the Jackson I know wouldn't carelessly beat people up...

''What's wrong, Y/N?'' Hoseok spoke, breaking me from my reverie. ''Lost your appetite?''

''No I'm OK'' You reassured, gobbling up everything on your plate. Deer really does taste delicious, even as a human. I guess that's one thing vampires and werewolves have in common.

After thinking long and hard, you come to a conclusion. You stand up at the table, eyes gleaming in determination. They all turn to look at you.

''Okay, I don't care whether the fuck you agree or disagree, because I'm going to school with you guys tomorrow''

And that was how you ended up at the entrance of the school gates, looking around in awe. So many people....!

''What the hell? Have you never been to a school before?'' Jungkook asks, amused at me gawking at everything I see. Well, of course not. I was a fucking wolf living beneath trees just a while ago.

''I'm just excited for my first day here'' you make up an excuse, walking alongside them while secretly observing every detail.

''Be careful, Y/N. Not everyone is as nice as we are'' Jimin warns you, as you nod keeping close.

''And don't be a pervert'' Taehyung adds, as you roll your eyes. Some turn to look at you, wondering who you were or why you were with the three delinquents. You glare back with just as much intensity, and they look away.

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