Chapter Six : Marked

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 I was beyond pissed at Ten that he would even consider showing me to his commander. And THEN suggesting that he was our  alpha. 

Please. Who does he think he is anyway?  I asked Dalia as I sat down at a bar. 

He's our mate. That's who he is. 

I scoffed. I don't even know why I bother talking to you anymore. 

I could feel Dalia turning her head at my words. Me neither. She said. Before retreating into the back of my mind. 

I huffed and took off my mask. I probably had faint lines on my face but I didn't care. As soon as I took off my mask I felt people's eyes on me. Like more than usual. More than...before. I looked around and the people sitting at the bar and around the bar stared at me. I noticed some from my pack and some that weren't. 

I locked eyes with some. They admittedly looked away. 

Shit no. They don't they? Shit. They know. Well no denying it now. The pack can always since when a Luna is near by, or in my case, a "future luna". When people look into a luna's eyes they know that she is their  second luna. 

I wanted people to look away from me under my stare but not in a respectful matter. In a scared matter. 

Fuck. I looked down and called the bar tender over so I could order a drink. I ordered a fancy ass vodka and after I placed my request I looked at  my perfectly manicured hands. 

What was I going to do? Now that people know. There is no way out of it. He is my destined mate ,chosen by the moon goddess herself. 

Suddenly I felt a hand on my back. I gasped. I felt small tingles vibrating through my body. I turned around quickly, to defend myself from anyone  touching me. The man smiled and sat down into the empty seat next to me. People began to watch us and bowed to him. They didn't stare for too long,  that would be very rude. 

My drink appeared in front of me just In time. I took a sip before saying, "What can I help the famous ,Taeyong with today?" 

He smirked. "Actually. I was hoping to just get a look at you." He said in a flirtatious type of way. 

I scoffed. "Well your looking at me. Anything else I could help you with?" I swished around my drink. 

"Feisty, I see." 

"Always." I said. 

I could feel him staring at me, intently. I was going to loose it if he kept staring at me like this. I finished my drink quickly. I did not want to be in this situation. I shoved my drink down my throat in one big gulp. 

I was a werewolf so I can hold my alcohol. Especially being a dominant she-wolf. I refused to make eye contact with him, not because I was scared to, but because I didn't want him to know that I was his pack's second luna. I got up from my seat and left money on the counter in my absence. 

I walked quickly into the crowd, hoping to loose him. I was hoping he wouldn't follow me. But to my dismay he did. 

"Hey! Stop!" He was on the brink of using his alpha tone with me. 

I kept walking not looking back. 

"Stop. Walking!" He growled. Now he was using his alpha tone with me. Dal and me didn't like this at all. I stopped when I saw Ten ahead of me. 


Taeyong walked up behind me, his breath fanning itself against my nape. 

"What?" I breathed, trying to remain calm. 

"I have to have you." 

I was shocked by his sudden words. 

What was he saying?

Then the unexpected happened. I felt a sharp sting in my neck. But the sting did not go away. I could feel his lips still sucking on the spot. 

No. He didn't...he marked me!

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