Chapter 14

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Kayleigh's pov

Friday is finally here and I'm on my way to pick up Tyler from the airport. I wait inside for a few minutes excited to see him come down the stairs. A flood of people start to come down the stairs and that's when I see his smiley face as he notices me.

I walk a little faster and give him a big hug when we meet. "I missed you." I say with my face buried in his shoulder. It feels so good to have him here, it's like I'm back home.

"I missed you too." Tyler says still smiling. I grab one of his suitcases and we start to walk to my car. I start to tell Tyler everything that has been going on lately.

He's a little shocked, "So have you made up your mind about Andy?"

"No, I honestly have no idea what to do," I sigh. "He might be at the bar tonight too which could get awkward."

"Ha no kidding." Tyler laughs.

Tyler and I spend the rest of the day together just catching up. We go for lunch and then just wander around downtown doing some shopping. Before we know it we have to get ready to go out. I put on a fitting red tank top, black jeans and a denim jacket. I touch up my makeup and head out into the living room to see Tyler waiting.

We get into our uber and arrive at the bar in twenty minutes. There are a group of paparazzi outside again, someone must've told them Shawn would come tonight. I am walking slowly trying to make my way through all these people and starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I feel somebody come up behind me and put his hand on my back, helping to push me through. I turn back to see who it is and see Shawn looking up trying to get through. I smile and turn back around.

Once we get inside I introduce Tyler and Shawn. They seem to get along well, Tyler can pretty much be friends with anybody.

Ty sees somebody he knows and goes to talk to them. I turn around to look at Shawn and he looks at me with his beautiful eyes. "I missed you." He expresses.

I tilt my chin up towards him hoping he will kiss me and he does. I feel his tongue start to explore my mouth but he pulls away much too soon. "I don't want to make too much of a scene, there's cameras all over the place," I give him a pouty look before he finishes his thought. "later tonight, okay?"

We all have a few drinks and are laughing and talking with each other. I look across the room and see Andy. He's staring at me and gives a flirty smile when I spot him. "I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back." I tell Shawn, Tyler and the others as I walk away.

I'm just about in the bathroom when I feel somebody grab my arm and pulls me into a small room. I expect to see Shawn but instead I find Andy. He pushes me against the door and grabs my face kissing me passionately. I don't know what I'm thinking but I start to kiss him back. He runs his hand down my back and slips it up my shirt. I mean to tell him to stop, but I really don't want him to. I tug at his shirt motioning for him to take it off. He pulls it over his head and I look at him briefly before he starts to kiss me again.

I suddenly realize what I'm doing. Am I really going to hook up with Andy when I came here with Shawn and he's waiting for me? "We should stop." I say abruptly pulling back and handing him his shirt and readjusting mine. 

"I'm sorry if I upset you, I thought you were enjoying it."

"No it's not you at all. It's me, I just need a little more time." he nods and I quickly leave the room feeling guilty. I know I need to make a decision, and soon at that.

Tyler decides to go back to my place a little early since he has meetings all day tomorrow. I choose to stay with Shawn a little longer but tell him I will be home soon. About an hour later me and Shawn both have had way too much to drink. 

Shawn had a car drive him tonight, so we get in and start to make out on the way back to his place. We can't keep our hands off each other and I want more. Shawn hurries to unlock the door once we get there and we practically run inside. 

The second the door shuts Shawn turns to me and kisses me. I slide off my jacket revealing my shoulders. Shawn takes off his shirt revealing his sculpted body. We go into the bedroom and I give him a little shove onto the bed. He starts to laugh and I climb on top of him, my legs straddling his waist. I lift up my arms and he lifts my shirt up over my head and throws it onto the ground. I'm wearing a black lace bra and Shawn bites his lip when he sees it.

He flips me over so I'm on my back and he is on top of me. He stands up and takes off his belt and I grab him by the waist and pull his torso down to me

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