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Pen Your Pride

Dirty Louis

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"Do you know how much i want you? I've been thinking about this all day." 

you read the 10 millionth dirty text from Louis, he had been sending you dirty messages all day. But you were excited, you always loved when Lou got like this. Knowing Lou would be home in about two hours, you ran upstairs to take a shower. You washed with his (and yours) favorite shower gel, that had a strawberry scent to it. You made your bed, even though, soon, it would be messed up. Walked over to your closet and pulled out your red lingerie, and you slipped it on.

You looked over at your clock to see that you had an hour left, so you straightened your hair. You were finishing your last piece when you got a text message from Lou, "I'll be home in ten mintues, ;) you better be ready to scream. ;) xx" you smiled at the text, "Alright, make sure you come up to the bedroom right away. ;)" you reply. 

You heard the door fly open, and heard Louis running up the stairs, he ran into the bedroom, and his eyes flew open, he automatically ran over to you and smashed his lips against yours, " I love the new outfit and all babe, but it's gotta come off." He smiled as he pulled out of the kiss, and he began to pull the red lace top off of your body, once off he began massasing your breasts causing slight moans to leave your mouth. 

"My turn," you say getting off of the bed, and onto your knees,

Louis smiled, and peeled his shirt off, You could see his extremley hard boner, trying to rip out of his red pants, you unzipped his pants pulling them down, and he kicked them to the side, you pulled off his checkered boxers, and his erection slapped his stomach, your rubbed his shaft up and down, but you decided to make him happy, and you put him in your mouth, he threw his head back in a fit of moans, as you bobbed your head back and forth. "Y/N I-I-I'm gonna c-" he couldn't finish his sentance before his warm fluids shot into your mouth, and you swollowed every last drop. 

Louis then pushed you back on the bed, tearing of your red thong, and throwing it with the matching top. He spread your legs, and ran one of his fingers through your slit, and it caused a moan to leave your perfect pink lips. he placed his thumb on your clit, and stuck his tounge inside of you. You were moaning louder and louder, and he was reaching places you didn't think was possible. And out of no where, he stuck two of his long, slender fingers in you. "OH MY GOD, L-L-LOUIS, PLEASE, HARDER." he followed what you commanded, and pumped his fingers in harder, and harder, Finally you wash your fluids, all over his lips, and fingers, he pulls his fingers out and licks them clean, following by all of the cum inside of you.

Lou climbed on top of you once again, and put his shaft at your entrance, 

"Ready?" he asked.
You nodded your head, because there was no other response that could come out.

He slowly thrusted himself into you. He was so big, his size was never anything you could get used too. He began pumping in and out of you as fast as he could, and it overwhelmed your whole body. You were both moaning and groaning, finally you shouted "L-L-OU, I'M ABOUT TO CUM," He nodded at your response, "Me too babe," his thrusts became sloppy, and finally you cummed all over his long cock, and he shot all of cum into you. 

"I love you so much, Y/N." he let gap out of his lips, "I love you to Lou," you breathed out.