The Nightmare

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Ever since Chubs, Zu and Liam found Alex in the woods, she had been having nightmares about what had happened to cause her to get that badly hurt but of course the others didn't know why as Alex didn't really like to talk about it and she didn't know if she was ever gonna tell them because honestly what happened that night still scared her, two months later. 

After the whole scene with Lady Jane and The League, the gang had decided to stop at the first motel Liam found because they all were extremely tired especially Liam as he exhausted himself using his powers.  The room they had taken only had one bed in it so Liam and Chubs said they would sleep on the floor. Alex had tried to argue with them but they weren't giving in so she gave up. It was about 10 o'clock and Alex read Zu a bedtime story, they only had one book but it was Zu's favourite so she didn't mind. 5 minutes into the book Zu feel asleep. Alex soon joined her a few minutes later and that's when it happened, that's when the nightmare came.

2 months ago

She was in the woods. It was cold, freezing. Someone was chasing her. A guard from the camp maybe she didn't quite know, all Alex did know was they were fast and had a weapon, she was fast as well only she didn't have a weapon, at least not physical one, she had her powers but  she still wasn't sure how they worked. Alex had always been told she was different, the only purple in the country and this made her special, a threat, sometimes she didn't know which. It was dark so she couldn't see more than a few feet in front of her and the fog that was starting to roll in didn't help. Alex had been running for about 10-15 minutes when she tripped over a turned up tree root and fell, this gave the person chasing her time to catch up to her. When she turned onto her back  she saw a man leaning over her, with what looked like a rather sharp knife. He brought above his head, Alex wasn't  entirely  sure what he was going to do but it sure looked like he planned on stabbing her, as he was about to bring the knife down her eyes glowed purple  and the knife was sent cluttering against a near by tree. The man must've been got of guard as he stumbled backwards giving her enough time to get to her feet, Alex was about to make a run for the knife, when she felt a strong pair hands pull you to the ground. It was the man again, with another knife. Great, she thought. Before you could do anything with your powers, the man brought the knife into her abdomen.

Alex woke with jolt. It was about 3 am and for some reason Liam was still awake and he must have heard as he started to make his way towards her with a sympathetic look on his face. "Another nightmare?" He asked as he took a seat next to her. She just nodded and he pulled her into a hug. Liam did this, every nightmare he was there and she was glad he was. Every time he hugged her, after a nightmare he also said the same thing and this time was no different. "It's okay, no one's gonna hurt you again not while I'm here." He didn't know what the nightmare was about, all he did know was that there about the night Alex had gotten hurt. None of the guys knew how it happened as she never liked talking about it. "Go back to sleep, we're going on a hunt for more supplies tomorrow." He said. Alex nodded again and laid back down, while Liam walked back over to his make shift bed where Chubs was out cold.

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