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Zayn malik Sweet imagine :PART3:

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Imagine you and zayn are sitting at home..and it's Vigorously raining outside every time you look of your window you can hardly see 2 feet in front of sitting on the couch when suddenly zayn bursts out with an idea.!

Zayn:Autumn..I know what we can do to have fun.!

Autumn:And what is that.?

Zayn:We should make a fort and watch movies and eat popcorn till' we fall asleep.!

Autumn:That sounds like a great IDEA.!!

**You start puuling all of the blankets and pillows from every room in the house and start making a fort in the living room**

**Zayn rums t the kitchen to start making popcorn and grabs a few movies he likes**


Zayn:Okaay babe i'll be in,in a second


**Seconds later zayn is running into the living popson and soda in his hands and a box of candy hanging out of his mouth**

Zayn:Im ready for some movies.!!!

**You pop in "The Notebook" and watch it till' You fall asleep in Zayns arms**

Zayn:Hey bab he looks down to see you sleeping like and angel in his arms

**He kisses you on the forehead and a smile apears on your face he lays down next to you and wraps you in his arms  and falls asleep**

THE END.!:)) 

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