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"I am so going to whoop her ass when she wakes up, she has a lot of explaining to do" was the first thing i heard as i start to wake up.

Wow, Lawrence seems angry but why though?

"Shush you idiot, you are going to wake her up" someone shushed him. That sounded like Shawn.

"Let her wake up, she has been out for 3 days" he yelled back.

Deciding to alert them i groaned "Will you idiots just keep it down geez, i am trying to sleep here." i said.

They all rushed me at once and i couldn't help but groan again.

"Geez, you are like the fucking paparazzi, one at a time" i said sitting up.

"Hey Avery" a soft voice said beside me and i smiled.

"What happened to whooping my ass Law?" i asked teasingly as he chuckled.

"How you feeling?" Michael asked

I snorted "Like i was hit by a bus and dumped in a pool filled with snow and hail" i answered.

Victor and Drew snickered earning them a slap on the head.

"Now i know you have questions but i need you guys to get out while i get ready and i will meet you in Grayson office" i told them and they groaned.

They all eventually left leaving me and Gray inside the room. He looked upset like he was gonna breakdown anytime soon.

I crawled towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I thought i lost you, everyday for the past two months felt like hell. Why did you leave me Dawn?" he said and sniffles.

I cupped his face feeling my own tear threatening to come out "I'm here now baby, i promise not to do that again but i had to, i needed answers and if i hadn't gone with them, they would have attacked the pack. I didn't want that"

"You could have told me. If not me then one of your brothers"

"If i had told anyone would you have let me leave?" i asked and he remained silent.

"There is your answer" i said kissing his lips. "I am here now, i am not going anywhere again" i reassured again kissing him.

As soon as my lips touched his, he pulled me closer and deepened the kiss.

"I have waited two whole months for you baby and i will have to punish you for the stunt you pulled" he growled in my ear and ripped my top off my body.

"Im all yours Gray" i whispered to him.

One thing led to the other so we didn't leave the room till an hour later.

As soon as we entered Gray's office, Dray was the first to talk "What happened to i will be down in a bit?"

"Shut up Dray " i said before sitting on Gray's lap. Well he pulled me to sit on his lap. He hasn't let me go since i stepped out of the room. I have never seen someone so clingy before.

"So firstly, welcome back sis" That was from Blake. Always the matured one.

"That's out if the way. What did you find out?" Victor asked.

"Well, we were right when we said he wanted me to mate with his son. He said once i mate with his son, he would have the powers he needs when he becomes king." i explained

"Why does he want power so bad?" Laura asked

"His main aim actually is to wipe out vampires." as soon as i said that, Victor and Victoria hissed while Tony and Michael growled.

"Yeah, i felt the same way when he said it. Turns out he doesn't know I'm an hybrid, all he knows is that i am the princess and next queen" i explained

"But what of those that came with you?" Lia asked

"Well Cade is Prisci mate and the idiots son. He had a witch spell Cade so he would be able to control him. I broke the spell and brought them with me. All the dude wanted was to mark his mate but he couldn't because his dad would kill her." i explained.

"So when is the war?" Law asked

I smirked at them "Grayson, get your alliance ready though we might not need them but in case. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to war on the blue moon"

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