Empire of Atlantium

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Human Name - Savannah Kirkland

Place of Representation - Atlantium

Physical Age - 14-15 Years

Gender - Female

Appearence - Savannah has rather small curves, and a relatively small-sized chest. She has medium, dark brown hair that is usually tied back into a pony tail. Her eyes are a light gray-green hazel and her skin tans slightly. She has a bandage on her right cheek and the signature "Kirkland-brow". 

Attire - Ontop her head, she wears a cacki baseball cap with her flag on the top brim. She wears cacki's, a tank-top with a sunshine yellow smock and neon blue ascot, along with a pair of black flip-flops. 

Personality - She takes things seriously instead of having a childish deameanor towards her microstatehood and things around her. She is rather hard-working normally, but when something of her liking arises, she changes completely from a sophisticated high-class girl into a reckless wild teeanger who neglects her responsibilities.

Passions - She is enjoys swimming and physical activity, but applies herself more to the needs of her "nation" and herself. She strongly believes in her "nation's" moto; E Tenebris Lux which roughly translates to; Out of Darkness, Light. She happens to have a reckless air towards so-called dangerous animals inherited from her eldest brother, Australia. 

Others - No... o_o

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