Laurel Lance- Ladder (c)

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"Laurel," you called out, attempting to not allow our concern to be heard in your voice.

You were at the top of the teetering ladder attempting to put the fairy lights at the top of the tree so that you could wrap them around, but you realised you made a bad decision. In your apartment you didn't have a free-standing ladder, only one that leaned against a wall to be useful, but as the tree was a fair distance from the wall it wasn't too helpful. You'd propped the wall up against the wall and leaned towards the tree to get the job done but you were wobbly and nervous of the ladder that didn't want to firmly plant against the wall.

Not certain what to do with it, you called for your girlfriend. Laurel had gone to your shared bedroom to get some of her paperwork done, leaving you in charge of the Christmas preparations, but you were desperate for her assistance. After a little shuffling from the other room, Laurel appeared.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Can you please hold the ladder?" You whispered, holding onto the fairy lights and the ladder for dear life.

She let out a soft laugh, joining you by the Christmas tree, holding onto the metal that you were stood on.

"Thank you," you smiled down at her. "I was either going to fall and be crushed by the ladder or the rocking of it was going to bore a hole in the wall where it was hitting."

"Neither of those are preferable," she stated. "I'll keep a hold of the ladder and help you feed the lights around the tree."

You wrapped the first section of lights, letting Laurel help pass them back to you as you lowered the stretch of lights to spiral around the tree, integrating into the green branches of the Christmas tree. Once it was within arms reach of Laurel, you slowly backed down the ladder so that you could put your feet onto the floor, glad to feel the safety of a solid ground rather than the shaking ladder.

"Thank you," you smiled as you continued to wrap the lights around, now being able to walk around it to spiral them rather than leaning on the ladder.

"It's starting to look good," she commented, although it was still bare of most decorations that you still had to put up.

"It's getting there, thanks for your help."



Written by Charlotte.

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