Chapter 1: Seeing Each Other

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Xander's POV:

Waiting for my bestfriend Lockette at the airport.  Finally! after three year I'm gonna see her again. I honestly miss her and everything about her. Don't get me wrong! I loved her but as a sister type only and same goes for her. But how will I tell her that I'm a werewolf

My Dad told me that he wanted to see me but I wasn't expecting about this. I was so angry and worry how will I tell her. We promise each other never to keep secrets but I just can't tell her stuffs like this.

I'm just waiting for the right time but my parents told not to tell her. What will I do?

We chat, text, and call each other everyday; however, I just can't tell those stuff over the phone. I wanted to tell her in person.  I'm gonna see her today but I still can't tell. Today is not the right time. She just got here and what's worst, she is here because she is trying to get away from someone.

Who's that person and wanna know why?

She is here because Michael, who is not anymore my friend, almost raped her yesterday. Good thing Lockette got away.

We were having a meeting yesterday when poor Lockette called me and told me everything. I got so angry that time, I could feel my wolf wanted to take the control. Not to mention, I even punch some of the walls and nobody couldn't stop that time. Except for Sky, our Alpha. He kinda uses his Alpha voice. Once he uses his Alpha voice,you have no choice but to obey him.

After I got back to my senses, I told her to come and stay here for at least she is okay. Good thing she didn't ask about me punching the walls cause I definitely know that she heard it. She hates when I let my anger took over.

My thought were interrupted when Trevor, one of our best warrior wolf called my name "Beta Alexander!"

"I told you never to call me Alexander. Xander will do!"

Trevor puts his hand up for surrender "Sorry!" he teased. We both know that he was just messing with me. "Alpha wanted to talk to you" he said, handing me his phone.

"Tell her I'm busy or I'm doing something important. Yes! I will tell the others tomorrow. Okay! Bye! " I said as I turn the phone off and hand it back to Trevor.

"What was that all about?" he asked.  I rolled my eyes on him "He told me about the pack meeting tomorrow and Gwen's party is today and she's looking for me. But I just don't want to see her and I don't care about her party!"

" She's really into you man!" he said wiggling his eyebrows . "Well! I'm into her." I smirked and we both started to laugh when all of a sudden a familar female voice called my name.


We both turn and I couldn't believe it. In front of us is a beautiful girl with light brown blonde hair and has pair of crystal blue.

" Lockette!"

Danielle's POV:

As Knight saw me he quickly rush towards me and gave me a hug. I still can't believe that all these time. This guy with golden brown hair and forest green eyes still remember and still care and loved me.

"I miss you" he whisperd. "I miss you too and I'm sorry." I sob and hug him back.

"For what?" he asked as we pulled apart but he kept his hands on my cheeks.

Tearing just started to fall down in my eyes "I'm SO sorry for being stupid!"

"Shhhhhh!" he cut me as he wipe my tears away. "You're safe with me and no one will ever hurt you and I promise you that this time, I won't let anyone hurt you again. I'm the who should be sorry! I shouldn't left that time and I shouldn't have trusted Michael!"

Michael was Knight's friend and he also trust him but after what Michael did to me I'm guessing that Knight doesn't wanna see him.

I can still remember when I called him yesterday.


"Hello Knight!" I sob. "Lockette are you crying?" he asked. "What happen?"

"Michael! he.... he almost raped me Knight! I was SO scared, I didn't know what to do. But was I able to get away. I only have my bow and arrow and some spare clothes with me.


I knew Knight was angry and at that moment, I couldn't blame him.  I heard him punch something but I didn't asked even though I hated when he let his anger control him. I know that's his way of releasing his anger and right now, he is definitely angry.

Minutes have passed, he finally calm down. "Where are you? Wait, are you driving? I told never drive if you're upset. You might do something crazy!

His right! I can really do something crazy if I'm upset like drive at the highest speed and let go of the wheel.

"I'm not! I'm with Roger, his the one driving."

"Put the phone on speaker!" I did as he told me.

"Roger! Make sure Lockette gets into the airport safe and sound and do not leave her until she got on board safely. I'm gonna call the airport to make a reservation for her. She will be here first thing in the morning. Do I make myself clear?"

End of Flashback.....

So here I am with Knight, my bestfriend and also the most important person in my life. He is my everything. Without him, who knows. I probably jump off the cliff by now.

We hug each other once again and it was actually a long one. I heard someone clear his throat which made both of us turn our heads.

"Sorry for interrupting but shall we get going?" Knight and I looked at each other and laugh "Shall we?" he asked as he reach he hand.

I hold his hand, smiled and nodded at him.

Xander' POV:

I was seating next to Lockette when she fell asleep next so I wrapped my arm around her to pull he closer and at the same time for support so she could use my shoulder as a pillow.

"Sweet dreams Lockette!" I whispered and kissed her forehead.

FYI we kissed each other on our cheeks and on our forehead.

I looked up to Trevor who is giving me a weird look. "What?" I asked.

"Oh nothing! it's just that yesterday you are so angry and you can't control your wolf and now here you are smiling and kissing someone's forehead and not just a someone but a girl!" he answered.

Trevor can be dramatic sometimes. So I told him about Lockette and about our relationship as a bestfriend and as a brother- sister. But I didn't tell him why Lockette was here. I also told him that she doesn't know that I'm a wolf so I just want them to be careful.  I'll tell the whole pack in tomorrow's meeting anyway.

I stare at her and started to brush her light brown blonde hair. I still couldn't believe what she's been through. But I'll make it up to her.

I have decided that I will tell her once she's okay.

But right now I just have to make sure that she is fine. This time, I will not let anyone or anything hurt her again.


Author's Note:

Yeahhhhhh!!!  at last!

again I'm so sorry about what happen and I promise it will never happen again :)

thank you for your patience and I hope you will still read my story :)

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