Chapter 5

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                The next morning was just as hectic as it always was, except Harry was making use of the new word he learned to say. Anne was trying to get Harry to eat some oatmeal and toast before getting ready for school, but it definitely wasn’t going as planned. “C’mon Harry, just take a few more bites of each, and then you’re done.” She said wearily, pushing both the toast and oatmeal towards her son.

                “No!” He giggled, before taking huge sip of orange juice, and putting his head down on the table. “No, no, no, no, no!” He shouted, kicking his feet slightly.

                “Inside voice please,” She reminded. “Alright, let’s go get dressed for school, love.” She rubbed his shoulder eliciting a loud whine, and more kicking underneath the table.

                “No, no, no, no, no!” He repeated, getting up from the table, and running over to the iPad in the living room.

                “Do you want me to call Dad to come get you?” Anne asked warningly, crouching down next to Harry on the floor.

                “NOOOOOO!” Harry cried, still scrolling on the iPad, but gently starting to rock back and forth. He hated not having his mom help him get ready for school. Everything had to be the exact same routine every day, or else Harry knew something bad would happen. Going to the Tomlinson’s house the other night only proved him correct.

                “Okay then, you better cooperate, or else Daddy or Gemma is going to help you.” She warned, before taking his hand, and leading him upstairs.

                Once Harry was finished getting dressed, and brushing his teeth, he sat criss-cross in the living room, clutching Dusty under his arm as he played a game on his iPad. Robin and Gemma came downstairs, and saw that Harry was ready earlier than usual. “Harry, how about we take you to school? Mummy has to go to work, but you’ll see her when she picks you up.” Robin said, handing Harry his backpack.

                Harry shook his head violently, bringing his legs up to his chest, and rocking himself. “No! Muh! Muh!” He screamed.

                Robin crouched down, and hugged Harry tightly, trying to avoid a meltdown so early in the morning. “Hey, it’ll be okay, we’re only taking you to school, alright?” Robin said, ruffling Harry’s curls, and helping him to stand. Harry cringed into himself, as Robin tried to hand him his backpack. He sighed, and led Harry and Gemma out of the house, carrying Harry’s backpack and his own briefcase.

                Everyone piled into the car, and drove off. “Harry, have you been holding out on us with the whole talking thing?” Gemma chuckled, looking back at her brother from the rearview mirror.

                Harry just giggled, and covered his face with Dusty, shouting out a muffled gurgle.

                Robin chuckled, “I guess we’re going to have him start seeing a speech therapist soon.” Gemma reached back and patted Harry’s leg. “Harry, can you say Gemma? Say Gemma,” She cooed to him. Harry frowned, covered his ears and rocked back and forth.

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