13. Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen|

His large callous fingers wrapped themselves loosely around my neck as his lips wreaked havoc across my body. They travelled painfully slow from my jawline, kisses being peppered down the skin of my neck and further down until his gaze met my breasts.

He glanced up through his eyelashes and gave me a mischievous smirk, before his mouth filled with my bare breasts, his teeth grazing my erect nipple, and his tongue expertly swirling around my sensitive bud. My fingers wrapped around his dark locks, and I bit my lips hard, in attempt to hold back the sounds of pleasure threatening to slip out. I squeezed my eyes shut as waves of ecstasy rolled through me, and I could feel my panties soaking with juices that wouldn't stop flowing.

"W-w-we need to stop," I panted, getting completely ignored. Did I really want this to stop though? The answer to that was no - I wanted this, all of this, so fricking badly. As if he read my mind, his fingers wrapped around the only piece of material left that was causing an obstruction. My heart thudded against my chest as he grazed the lining of my panties whilst locking eyes with me, almost as though he's waiting for some sort of objection. I swallowed the nervous lump in my throat and squeezed my eyes shut.

"I told you I'd have you exactly where i wanted you to be eventually, Juliet," he murmured. I attempted to snap my eyes back open but i suddenly couldn't move. Panic struck inside of me. I didn't want to be just another one of his naive victims! I was better than this and I knew it. However, as i felt my panties slowly making it's way down my hips, i couldn't escape the darkness that had engulfed me, and the state of paralyses that i was in. I attempted to scream but i couldn't get my words to escape further than the tip of my tongue.




My eyes finally snapped open and a bright source of light blinded me momentarily, before reality slapped me in the face like a ton of bricks. I found myself inches away from professor Macauley and her elongated, crooked nose was almost touching mine. Reaching up to lock eyes with her bright blue ones which hid under her thick lenses, I immediately sat up. I looked around to find multiple gazes on me, my cheeks slowly burning a bright shade of red as I realised I had fallen asleep in one of my seminars.

"Right!" Professor Macauley chuckled as she inched away from me. "Now that Miss Harrison is back, does anyone want to volunteer and recap what I had summarised within the last fifteen minutes of this lecture that happens to be boring her to sleep?" sarcasm dripped from her words as she glanced at me with disapproving eyes.

I groaned internally, wishing I could just dig a hole and bury myself in it, in order to escape all these mocking eyes that were on me. A petite, Asian looking redhead with long boxed braids that reached her hips, and what looked to be large, clear fashion glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose had volunteered to recap. I attempted to stay alert this time around until my eyes locked with those all too familiar chocolate orbs. Caleb.

That's when it dawned on me, and I felt sick to the stomach. I was just having a sexual fantasy slash nightmare about his brother moments ago, in the middle of my seminar! Cole fricking Jarvis is literally going to be the end of me. I couldn't sit here any longer, with Caleb intently staring at me from a cross the room, and with my panties still soaking from the scenario my mind had conjured, I was definitely not in the mood to be squirming in my seat for the next forty five minutes.

I discreetly placed my notes in my bag, and quietly got up. Luckily I was sitting right by the door so I was able to slip out quite easily. There's no telling when professor Macauley will notice I'm gone, most likely not long as she itches to test what I had absorbed after falling asleep, and I will most definitely not be getting a phd at this rate. I walked down the empty hallway rapidly and hurriedly left the building. Holding my bag tightly against my body, I speed walked towards the little white Mini Cooper that sat in the midst of the busy car park.

Yesterday's efforts on my outfit and hair had gone to waste, as after my encounter with Caleb and having witnessed what I witnessed with Xavier, I just didn't know where I stood anymore. I had left college and gone home, making sure to throw those ridiculous death traps called heels deep down into my closet.

My mind wandered to Xavier again. I hadn't seen him since yesterday, I tried calling and texting but nothing. Maybe he knew it was me that caught the two of them yesterday and he's a little embarrassed to confront me? Or possibly he's gone into hiding, afraid that whoever he may think saw has now spread the word. Guilt settled inside of me- I needed to speak to him. Makes sense as to why I couldn't think of any girl named Jordan when he claimed he had been speaking to someone named Jordan. There was no Jordan , and it was a he the whole time! And who'd have thought, Julio Gomes.

I was snapped out of my deep thoughts as soon as I collided with a solid object, sending me flying back, causing me to lose my balance and falling flat on my arse.

"Bloody watch it!" I snapped, groaning as pain soared throwing my backside. My gaze followed from the fresh looking black Prada trainers, to the slim fitted, slightly ripped grey jeans. I didn't need to look any further as the moment the culprit opened his mouth, I was internally hitting myself for having left my seminar.

"So we meet again, sweet cheeks."

He smirked and offered his hand. My mind flashed back to the scenario that had played in my head when I had fallen asleep and I could feel my cheeks heat up. I cleared my throat and attempted to push those thoughts to the back of my mind as I slapped his hand away and got myself up.

"Unfortunately, we do," I muttered, dusting myself off. I picked up my things and my eyes fell on him again, only to catch his burning gaze on me.

Caleb's confession about the whole 'truth' suddenly came to mind, and I suddenly wanted to be as far away as possible from this man in front of me. At the same time I had so many questions I wanted to ask.

"I need to go, so if you'll excuse m-"

Before I could even make a move to push past him, his hands gripped my forearm.

"Actually, I think we have some unfinished business, Juliet." A chill ran down my spine as my name rolled off his tongue.

"You either cooperate with me, or this video will reach every social media platform," I turned to look at the video he began playing on his mobile phone. My eyes widened when my eyes fell on a half naked Julio and Xavier locking lips. I turned back to look at call and his face was unreadable. His eyes were cold and void of any emotion, however a taunting smirk played on his lips.

"You wouldn't!"

"Well, you're the one who gets to decide whether you want to come with me and cooperate," he inched  closer to me, my stomach suddenly erupting with a weird tingly sensation. I attempted to inch away, however my back ended up firmly pressed against a car, caging me against this devious bad boy. His breath fanned against my face as his lips hovered above mine. My breathing hitched, and I could feel my legs wanting to buckle.

"Or whether you want to be a naughty, naughty girl." He murmured lowly, his voice deep and husky, sending shivers down my spine.

"Just tell me what you want Cole," I managed to get out.

His teeth caught my earlobe, and I felt his wet tongue slip out to graze the sensitive skin. I bit my lip to hold back any sort of moan that threatened to escape.

He suddenly took a couple steps back from me, a satisfied look settled on his face.

"Very well then, hop in," he chuckled, motioning to the dark grey Mercedes I was currently pressed against.

Oh boy.

What in the world is Cole Jarvis playing at this time..

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