Calm The Fire: 126

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Having a tickling sensation touch her cheek numerous times, Náriel groaned and waved her hand. On more than one occasion did she end up smacking herself, which caused her to groan again and fidget. Yet just as she thought she had got rid of the sensation, it returned. It wasn't until there was a low chuckle did she suddenly open her eyes.

Only she didn't expect her eyes to suddenly stare into blue eyes which were looking back at her. Blinking slowly she waved the hand away which was trailing down her cheek and sat up. Thorin just looked up at her and smiled lightly.

“Good morning.”

“Don't you 'good morning' me!” She exclaimed and put her hands over her mouth when she unwillingly let out a quiet sob.

Thorin held a hand out and gestured it to her. “Come here, Náriel, come here.” He said gently and then firmly when she just shook her head and stared down at him with teary eyes. Awkwardly pushing himself onto his elbows, he managed to sit up. Though this action caused him to wince and put a hand to his side. Being in a sitting position he was more or less right in front of her. There was only so much distance one could get on such a narrow canvas bed.

Reaching up he gently pulled her hands away. Holding onto them lightly he kissed her knuckles and looked to her when she slowly shuffled forwards and lent her forehead against his.

“Is it afternoon then?” He commented at last while laughing at the sudden glare Náriel sent his way.

“It is so nice to see you have woken up with a sense of humour.”

“Hm, trust me, I may be finding humour in this moment but I don't wholly feel like laughing.” Thorin admitted while Náriel put her hands on his shoulders and gently nudged him to lay back down. He did so and looked up at her. “How long have we been out for?”

“You were unconscious for about a week. I was out four days. The first day of my awakening I spent mostly in Dale. The other two days I’ve been here.”

Thorin gave a slow nod. “You should have been resting in your own bed.” He thought it best to miss out already knowing she was in here when she shouldn't have been.

“Don't flatter yourself, I didn't sleep in this bed on both days.” Náriel scoffed and crossed her arms. Thorin merely smirked and raised an eyebrow. “Just...last night...” Náriel trailed off and shot him a look when he just continued to look at her with a knowing expression. “All right! I did! You've caught me out, are you happy now?!” She exclaimed exasperated.

“Yes,” Thorin said with a nod. “I am. Thank you for asking.”

“Silly Dwarf,” Náriel mumbled and crossed her arms firmly again while shooting him a sidewards look. “I suppose I should go tell someone you're awake.”

“If you must.” Thorin shut his eyes and sighed.

Náriel looked at him sceptically. “You'd rather let everyone believe you're still unconscious?”

Opening an eye he looked to her. “Just for the sake of us two being at peace for the moment, yes.”

“That's mean, Thorin!”

“I know,” he shut his eye again and sighed heavily. Though this caused him to wince.

“You're in pain.” It was a statement not a question.

“It'll pass.”

“I doubt that.” Náriel said while standing up from the bed. Turning his head he looked to her as she pottered around the tent. There was a trunk in here with things in it. She pushed aside armour and weapons and stood up with her hands on her hips. Thorin couldn't help but smile and laugh at her determined expression. She shot him a look and limped past to the other side of the tent where a cloth bag sat. Opening it she was pleased to see medical supplies. Rummaging about she found a plant which could be used to relieve pain when crushed up.

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