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Another day to fight.

Keira thought bitterly while trying not to drop dead on the floor. Even eight cup of coffee couldn't stop her from faltering her steps. It was now accruing to her how much trouble she really was in.

Trying to kill her in the sleep?

He was watching her sleep for God sake! Darkness wasn't stopping at anything.

"So you have to learn from the basic?" Hannah asked Keira shifting from one leg to other. It was clear in the woman's face that she was completely clueless about Keira's knowledge. And it really wasn't ok with Keira when the first thing after waking up today was to find Hannah waiting impatiently for her in the training room.

Definitely not good when she didn't sleep a wink.

The training room was basically a spare space made into a temporary room filled with a lot of books and a big pentagram in the middle with candles around it. And if she looked close enough, there were many herbs growing on the other side of the room. She would have loved to make new medicines from the herbs, testing them for healing purposes.


Snapping back to reality, she nodded her head shamefully to Hannah's previous question. "Yes. I don't know the basics."

Hearing her, Hannah walked over to the other side of the room and returned with half a dozen books. Laying all of them on their side, she handed Keira the biggest one.


Keira watched as Hannah started collecting books in order. Some of the books were familiar as she saw Gemma reading it when they were what...seven or eight years old? Involuntary a groan left her thinking back to where she was now.

Where the clan had left her.

Was she really going to read the books practically for kids?

"Uh-uh, wipe that look out of your face," She swore she could see a smirk on Hannah's face. Huh, she wondered how Hannah knew what was on her mind.

"Hannah, can you mind read?" Keira asked out of curiosity. She was confronted with a shake of Hannah's head.

"No, not that I know of. But some learn how to do it from their Priests or some born with it. But even that's very rare."

"Oh." She slowly nodded.

Now she only hoped that the black-eyed devil didn't know any Priests or born into something like that. Imagine how that would turn out if he knew everything even before she uttered a word. He wouldn't leave a moment to stop humiliating her using her own thoughts.

"Hmm...Now, where was I again? Ah, here, this is an introductory book on magic. The next to it is earth magic book, that is a Shamanic magic book, and finally ritual magic book. I want you to go through all of them in your free time to understand the process and do you know any other language?" Hannah asked Keira, the determination in her voice clear.

Keira resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "Yes Hannah, I know Latin, Hebrew, Italian, and Greek."

The woman's eyes flashed with relief. She patted Keira's shoulder happily. "Then my work just became easier. You just have to know the process and practice. Now, do as I say. There is a pentagram here. Sit in the middle. Never try to cross that. It will break your concentration." She said pointing at a pentagram.

"OK," Keira hesitantly replied.

She was happy that she was learning. But there were some things that make her feel a little...out of her comfort zone. And unfortunately, Pentagram had to be one of them. Then again, she shouldn't have been tied up in the middle of a pentagram for hours because of a game her older members of the clan were playing.

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