12: любить

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Chapter 12 : любить 

Svetlana's (Lana's) POV

I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon, and even though I was back to the dreaded house and there was the crazy Japanese mafia after me. It was not that bad here, especially since Luca was here with me

"Morning." I mutter, he turns around to face me and smiles gingerly. 


Luca starts to plate the food, and I accept it great-fully. 

"Can we do something today?" I say in between mouthfuls. 

"Like what? I don't think there is that much to do here." 

"We can make snowman, snow-angels, go on a walk, theres lots of things we can do." 

"Okay sure thing, whatever you want mio cara." Luca remarked smiling. 

"Cool, can we go in the afternoon?" I ask, eating my last spoonful of scrambled eggs. 

"Of course." 


I had a shower and got changed into a large sweater and jeans, I spent the rest of the morning sitting on the sofa reading. Luca came to join me an hour later. 

"What are you reading?" He questions. 

"The Great Gatsby, it's my father's limited edition copy." 

Luca hums in response and walks over to the large bookshelf, he pulls out Jane Eyre and starts to read. I place my feet onto his lap and relax into the sofa. Luca looks up at me with his eyebrows risen, "seriously Lana?" 

I chuckle in reply and continue reading, Luca doesn't make a move to remove my legs from his lap. So we just sit there in comfortable silence, a few seconds later, Luca's warm hands touch my skin as he absent-mindedly draws small soothing circles on my ankles. My breath gets caught in my throat, I stare at Luca's side profile, taking in his features. 

He turns to face me and we look at each other for a second, before I abruptly stand up. 

"Let's go outside," I mumbled as I quickly went into the hallway, grabbing my coat and throwing it over me. Luca follows me outside, I had a hilarious idea and quickly grabbed a handful of snow, forming it into a ball and throwing it at Luca's head. 

He blurts out a surprised noise before turning to me menacingly, "you're so dead Ivanov!" He bellows, and we end up in a full fledged snowball fight. We throw snowball after snowball, I dodge successfully many times and so does Luca, at one point I run forward and tackle him onto the ground. We're both laughing hysterically now, it's only a second later when I realise the position we're in. I'm lying on top of him and our faces are inches apart. 

I decided to take a chance and I slowly lean in, I glance down at his lips, and he does the same to me. I close my eyes anticipating but Luca suddenly pulls away, we both hastily get up. My cheeks were on fire, we were so close, I knew he wanted it just as much as I did. 

"Sorry," I stated breaking the silence.

"No, I'm sorry, I can't do this not with you. I work for the Ja-- I mean I work for your Dad, Lana. It can't happen." You can tell Luca is frustrated as he runs his hands through his hair. 

"It's fine I understand, let's pretend nothing happened." 

The rest of the day is unbearable, it's full of longing and weird stares. Horrible and awkward small talk, I wanted to disappear. The evening came by quickly and Luca called me for dinner, but my mind was going at a hundred miles per hour and I could not think straight. Instead I took off running to the front door and rushed into the snow, I could barely hear Luca calling after me as I ran through the snowy clearing. 

"Lana!" His voice was nearing me, and I quickly picked up the pace. But Luca was faster and he eventually caught up to me. 

"What's going on? Talk to me," he prompted. 

"I just... I'm overwhelmed right now, and confused I-" 

"Calm down Lana, relax." 

We both take in deep breaths as we stare into each others eyes, the moon was gently glistening down on us. I didn't care about the consequences at this point, I just wanted to feel something for once. To be somewhat happy, so I smashed my lips to Lucas. He didn't move for a second, but a few seconds later he was kissing me back feverishly. I ran my hands through his hair and his hands found my waist. We broke apart for a second to catch our breaths. What was going to happen now? 


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