Chapter 21

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After the battle at covenant base camp, Ruby and her friends must tell Ozpin about covenant plot. Ruby tell Ozpin the covenant are sneak inside Atlas capital to sabotage the defenses and Penny saw them before she was kidnapped. Ozpin nodded and call Ironwood that the covenant are sabotage the defenses. In his shocked, he sent his men to find those covenant at the hanger and see nothing there. Then, they went to the room where the defenses of control computers was destroyed. The council of Atlas fear the covenant that they will attack their kingdom so they call all Atlas fleets to return their kingdom to defend themselves which leaving other kingdoms defendless. In Reach city, they see news that a lot of Atlas fleet in Vale went back to their kingdom which they are mad that they left them defendless. Jaune was furious that Atlas aren't stay to protect Vale instead they just leave them. So he went to kingdom of Vale to talk the council to bring his fleet to defend their kingdom if the covenant are going to attack. They agreed that UNSC & SA are most powerful military that can take down any enemies in their way.
2 days later, 2 autumn-heavy class cruisers (which Vector and Angel build their ships thanks to their blueprints) & 7 warrior-class destroyer frigates came to Vale which the citizens between humans & faunus are surprised to see it. To huntsmen, they see UNSC ships are much surprised that are different of Atlas frigates. The UNSC & SA troops are deployed to set up a defenses around Vale to protect people from covenant, including White fangs & Grimms. Ozpin and his colleagues feels safe for UNSC & SA in Vale so they're won't be any trouble at all. The council of Vale tell to people that the Vytal Festival will continue but if the covenant are attacking they have to cancelled it. Sargt. Johnson & Sakor came along for their mission and went to Beacon to have a nice conversation with Prof. Ozpin.

Unknown place POV

At the hidden place, Emerald was repeatedly walking around in circle that the plan that Cinder was made is ruined. Their plan was to use her semblance to put illusion on the opponent to force Pyrrha which she will be a new Fall maiden, sent Roman & Neo to hijack Atlas airship to take control of Aks & Paladins to shoot people and bring a fall of the beacon so Cinder can kill her to take a power of Fall maiden. But since Roman and Cinder are being captured by unknown group known as UNSC & SA, it was difficult for them to proceed Cinder plan. Now, they have to follow Adam which they have no other choice. Mercury just sitting on the chair doing nothing himself as he listen to Emerald complainants.

Emerald:" I can't believe Cinder plan is ruined! We'll never get a Fall maiden if Cinder is imprison. Not to mention, she was captured by UNSC men!"

Mercury:" Sheesh. You need to calm down. I hope she can find a way to get us here Besides, she was beaten by their leader who is better tha-."

Emerald went to him and grab his collar. Mercury look at her angry eyes as she look at his eyes.

Emerald:" DON'T. SAY. THAT! I know Cinder can find a way to escape and beat that UNSC leader. Now, we'll lay low for awhile since UNSC & their alien friends are here."

She let go of his collar which he was speechless to see her angry. She calmed down and look at Mercury to asked.

Emerald:" So, where is Neo anyway?"

Mercury:" Well, she went to park for a while and getting her ice cream."

Emerald:" What! What if she-"

Mercury:" Don't worry, She can handle herself. Besides, what could possibly go wrong, anyway?"


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