26. Challenge Day

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Alright, get out, I want to shower...properly!" I said pushing him off me and he chuckled, squeezing my ass before getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his hips.

After I had finished from my shower, I quickly put on my clothes and walked out into the room. I decided to dress in a very casual summer dress.

Cyrus wasn't in the room anymore. From the window I could see Cyrus in the courtyard talking to Enzo and Jaxon. He was laughing very hard with them.

So I guess it wasn't just me who felt cheery today...

In front of the three men were a crowd of people. I gazed in confusion. They were crowded around the courtyard in their seats watching the warriors train.

I took a glance at myself through the mirror and laughed.

I laughed at how happy I looked.

I blushed at the thought of Cyrus and I in the shower. I have never done that with anyone before..especially with Cyrus' large member.

The thought of it inside me for the first time was both a love and hate situation.

When I had finished getting ready I opened the doors and walked towards the kitchen, as always, and made myself a sandwich and a small fruit salad.

It was so quiet in here. Everyone was probably outside.

I sat down on the couch and turned the television on to a random channel. It was actually peaceful. In that moment I thought of my family. How I have missed them, even Sierra.

I thought of Logan too. I felt terrible for hurting him the most. He didn't deserve this. It pained me to know that he had chosen me when Cyrus didn't. I wondered what he'd be doing right now? Unlike Sierra, who is probably plotting my murder, He's probably handling business at his pack.

From outside I heard loud screams from the people. I jumped slightly and turned my head into that direction. Suddenly two guards ran into the kitchen and looked around frantically.

Their eyes found mine and ran towards me.

"Luna! We need you outside." They rushed and I cocked my head in confusion.

"Why? What's wrong?" I thought, placing my plate on the couch and standing up.

"It's the Alpha. He is being challenged." The other said and I quickly pushed past him and ran into the courtyard.

Immediately silence filled the room when I entered. On the right I saw Kendra trying to calm Enzo down, whom's eyes were fixated on Cyrus and his opponent.

Jaxon and Marcus were standing just watching the entire commotion. Jordyn sat down in the front row and caught my eye.

I turned to Cyrus who stood in the centre. Cyrus wasn't the laughing man that I had seen earlier. This man looked completely wolf. His eyes were bright gold in anger as he stared at his opponent.

His opponent was a young man, probably about thirty years old. But older than Cyrus, I recognised him from the terrible boardroom meeting. His shirt was torn slightly and he growled loudly.

"They are mad that he allowed rouge kids to stay here." Jordan said from behind me. My eyes widened in shock.

This was my fault.

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